How to make a firewater for the new year with your own hands

Fireworks for the new year the real tradition that everyone observes. But buying them in stores - not always the best idea. Much more interesting will make fireworks with your own hands at home, according to the instructions that we led in this article!

Materials for creating fireworks

To make fireworks, you will need:

  1. Case. It will be the explosive mixture.
  2. Wick. To delay the explosion.
  3. Blend mixture. We will look at how groited mixes, which can be in store and professional chemical raw materials.
  4. Match or lighter.

Safe Fairver

It is better to do so salute on the site of the explosion, as powder can crumble on the road. Moreover, some parts can be found right on the street.

It will take:

  1. Case. It is best for the usual tin can from drinks or canned food. The optimal volume is half liters. The housing must be high with smooth walls.
  2. Powder. Suitable smokeless or black. Sold in pyrotechnic stores. Also need a mixture for an explosion.
  3. Wick. Also better to buy factory, than done on your own.

It is called safe because we do not use strongly combustible mixtures. There will be ordinary products.

Now proceed.

Prepare a bank

In the bank you need to make a hole for the wick. If it is thin aluminum, then a small nail is suitable. By the way, the hole diameter should coincide with the phylet. Usually, it is 2-3 millimeters.

We swear from the bottom, as gunpowder will lie on the bottom. Fitil immediately insert.

In stores sold philitis for candles and pyrotechnics. Our option is the second. They are not so fast and sold by a metro station or generally segments.

Fall ash powder

It can be purchased ready in hunting and fishing stores. It is easy to do on your own, if you give roaming pine or fir branches, and then grind into dust.

We fill in the bank for 3 centimeters. Find out how much the gunpowder is simple: the radius of the usual jar from the soda is 3 centimeters, we calculate the area of ​​the circle (radius2 x number Pi) and we get 28.26 centimeters. We multiply on 3 and get 84.78 centimeters. The density of the powder is 1.6 g / cm. We multiply and get 135 grams. So much need to fill the bank exactly 3 centimeters.

Cover mocked a thin sheet of paper so that it does not mix with the main substance.

Success flammable mixes

Here, any flammable dry mixtures are suitable. For example, Cremora milk substitute, wheat flour, sugar powder, small sawdust, some varieties of dry cream.

To make a salute, the mixture should be finely cell, so it is better to sift it through a sieve. With this mixture, we fill in a 2/3 volume jar.

Ready - Now we set fire to the wick and watch the New Year's salute, which we managed to make a new year to run with young children.

Mini-fireworks from matches

This was raised by the Soviet schoolchildren, but the method shows well even for small ideas. The main thing that we need is 10 boxes of matches and 2 wine plugs. They will be with a housing and explosive substance.

How to do mini-fireworks? We act according to the instructions:

  1. Pour matches from all boxes and carefully consider the knife. We don't need a rod, so we try not to hurt it. After she was removed - we swing in a mortar.
  2. Tubes in contact with ends and rocked the tube of paper. Turn the scotch all over the entire length. One of the traffic jams are rigid to the wire, and I pull out the second.
  3. Prepare a volley. Using a needle, refuel sulfur in the rod of the ballpoint handle. By the way, so earlier, schoolchildren did Fitili. Now there is no such need and you can buy it separately.
  4. That sulfur that remained, falling asleep into the paper tube, where there used to be a traffic jam. Tightly tamper.
  5. Now we return the plug back into the tube and wind the wire.
  6. In the middle of the tube we make a hole and insert the rod of the handle or wick.

It turns out simple, but quite spectacular wick. By the way, if you add coloring substances to the tube to sulf, the explosion will be color.

Real Firework

Now we will do a real New Year's firework. He will shoot even with different colors! True, for this we need to go to the chemical and economic store.

To make fireworks at home, need:

  1. Blend mixture. To do it will be. First, take sulfur. Sold in any hoz.mag called "Hammer sulfur". It is cheap, but is sold at a minimum kilogram. Also need magnesium. In the most comfortable form, it is a magnesium powder or chips.
  2. Case. The explosion will be powerful, so you need a metallic tube 2x10.
  3. Wick. We take the usual cord for salutes.

The bottom of the pipe we need to close. The easiest way to do it with plaster, like Alebaster. It will dry in 5 minutes and easily divorces.

Magnesium with sulfur (in a ratio of 5 to 1) grind in a mortar and fill the pipe for 1 third. An open end of the tube is closed by a foil cone. Insert the wick until the day and fix the tape itself.

We made New Year's salute, which will already shoot no worse than the factory. True, only white color, but you can decorate.

How to make fireworks with your own hands with color? Add the following substances:

  1. Barium (green). Sulfate is suitable from the pharmacy. It is necessary for x-ray.
  2. Sodium (yellow). The most accessible option is sodium benzoate.
  3. Strontium chloride (red). Sold in pyrotechnic stores.
  4. Chloride copper (purple). It can be found in chemical stores.

It is worth warming that the resulting salute requires safety. It can only be used in the open space with a distance of 15 meters.

Nevertheless, it is a good way to praise and congratulate your family and friends with the New Year.

How to make a petard at home?

Many wonder: Is it possible to make fireworks, Petardes at home? It is possible, but it will be only fountain of fiery splashes. If you have to celebrate some kind of solemn event, it is best to buy in special stores. When working with combustible substances, do not use Open fire! BE CAREFUL!

How to make a petard at home?

If you still want to make a petard from matches with your own hands, then it will take for this:

  • Ten boxes of matches;
  • Motok Scotch;
  • pliers;
  • Tubes Wine two pieces;
  • Motor wire;
  • the pencils;
  • awl;
  • several needles;
  • scissors;
  • not thick paper sheets;
  • Rod from ordinary ballpoint pen.

Stages of work

  1. Removing sulfur with match heads. Take boxes and pour matches on the table. Take the saucer and flat-wait sulfur. As soon as you clear the sulfur from all matches, you need to carefully develop it to a powder condition.
How to make a petard at home?

2. Next, you need to wrap the wine plugs with paper sheets and wind For the entire length of tape.

3. One of the two tubes should be wrapped with a metal wire, The second must be removed.

four. Matching sulfur with needle need to shout in the rod ballpoint pen.

five. The residue of the sulfur needs to be poured into a tube of paper and tamper it there.

6. Next, this tube must close the plug and wind on it. Wire.

7. In the central part of our product you need to make a hole and Place the wick there, made of the rod.

The product obtained can be called homemade petardoy.

Petardo at home can be made on the basis of chemicals. This will require:

  • 100 g of silver paint in powder form, you can buy in the store for the sale of building materials;
  • 100 g of mangartee, you can buy in a pharmacy.

The mixture of these powders is poured onto a sheet of a notebook and everything is thoroughly mixed. The resulting composition must be wrapped in tight paper and firmly wrap the tape. That's all. It can be argued that Petard is done, however, wick needed to be launched.

  • To make a wick, you need to cut a small hole in the firefold and put in it the usual match. In this case, the match of the match should be inside. The base at the base is glued to paper, then you need to take another match and attach it to the first. As a result, you will need several such glued head to the head of the match. The ignition will go a chain reaction. You can run. But it is necessary to make it extremely careful to avoid unpleasant moments. Do not be lazy to move away from buildings and other objects. Remember the safety rules See also:
  • How to make metal detector do it yourself at home
  • The richest children on earth.

Petard is a special kind of pyrotechnics, which is directed to the explosion with direct contact with fire. The components of the firefish is a wick and an incendiary mixture. What exactly can be done with the help of the Petard knows each, because we always see them for the new year.

What are the main features from the Petard?

First of all, before the start of the article and the manufacture, it should be said a few words about safety techniques. Remember, Petard is an explosive tool that can cause injury. Contact her carefully, do not use against people and animals. Application only at a safe distance and in safe place.

The key feature of the fireplace is its capacity and loud sound. In fact, Petard is a mini-grenade, which may contain within a variety of chemicals. These substances with contact with fire make a loud sound and unusually bright outbreaks of different color. However, since our goal is not to make Masters-pyrotechnics, we suggest you familiarize yourself with simple ideas for creating Petard House.


The basic petard consists of the following materials that will be needed for the manufacture:

  • Silver, paint (100g).
  • Marring, (100 gr).
  • Insulating tape.
  • Matches.

How to make a petard at home - easy and easy!

Lay out all the components in front of yourself on your desktop. For further work we will need scales. Measure the required amount of ingredients. Mix the components thoroughly and pour on the prepared paper sheet. You need to wrap the bag with a dense bag. For further manipulation, we need to be tagged. As you already understand, we will make the finished design. Leave a small hole out. We need to insert a match. Hole should be sprinkled with gray.

For the manufacture of a wick, there is enough set of matches. At first, Krepim alone to one, then below also, while we do not form a kind of chain. The ignition account will form a chain reaction and the base of the petard will be under the influence of the temperature of the blown.

How to make a petard from ordinary matches

Many boys were fond of pyrotechnics, and the simplest and most affordable matches. How to make a petardo from matches remember many. This "recipe" is transmitted from generation to generation, and this time it is time for us to share it with you.


  • Matchbox.
  • Wine plugs 2 pieces.
  • Tubes from juice.
  • Ordinary fine wire.
  • Needles for sewing.
  • Awl.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil.
  • Passatia.

For the harvesting of the firemaker, we remove sulfur with matches and rub it into powder. For the basic blank, 10-15 matches are enough.

Ready sulfur need to pour into a paper pocket-cup. A cup can be made in the form of a tube or a cone, the special role does not play. The main thing is to withstand the volume, since in the too big pocket of the Petard just just does not work as it should.

How to make a petard of matches - the question is not difficult. Next, we collect our design according to the scheme, after which we smear inside the sulfur and close the cork. In the center we make a typical hole in which you insert the tube from the handle rod. Get ready to wind up with matches, and fixes with elastic bands or scratchless often many people wondered if it is possible to make a bright firework from the Petard with their own hands? It is possible, however, it will be somewhat laborious and not the fact that the effect will turn out the one that you expect.

Petard with a surprise from "Sparky"

Everyone knows what "Bengal" lights are, and for the next design, we need one Bengal Spark. Its mixture we mix with sulfur and in the same way sealing the fire, as in the option above. There is a lot of changes in the fact that with the "explosion" of the fireflows you will expect a small spray spray of the Bengal light. Alternatively, you can try different proportions according to your fire size.

Homemade foil house

How to make a homemade petardism at home and at the same time not to do "miracles" remains a matter of security and responsibility of the creator of pyrotechnics.

For the manufacture of this format, we need:

  • Food foil thin.
  • The twine or wick from the candle.
  • Sunflower oil.
  • Wax.
  • Sulfur from matches.
  • Sere Bengal light.
  • Wire.
  • Libra.

For manufacture, you need to place foil into one layer size no more than 30 per 40 cm. You can choose a foil center as the basis where the mixture will be poured. Please note that foil can be easily breaking, so work with the material very carefully, otherwise you risks at the stage of creating to spoil your pen.

Carefully overtake sulfur from matches and separately sulfur from the Bengal Fire. Mix both mixtures when they are cramped to the state of small dust, it will provide you with the best explosive reaction. Now we will take the manufacture of phytyl. If you do not have a whale wrench, a wasoble twine or a mustache beep is suitable. The wax and the oil are needed to provide a "flammability" of the cord, but do not overdo it, otherwise your cord will simply go out in the ignition process, or it doesn't light out only sulfur with the first layer "put" the wick's tip and then fall asleep sulfur inward.

Please note that the foil pocket should not be too dense, but not too spacious. Simply put, he must be compact from you in a compressed hand - it will be perfect proportions. Sere and Bengal filler can be mixed in the proportion of 50 \ 50.

After that, carefully wrap the finished design of the wire. The tip of the phytile is left at 3-4 cm above the Petarda. All this design is ready to use.

How to make a petard in a box?

Sometimes I want to do something really explosive, which is able to hit relatives and friends, however, we warn you from using such pyrotechnics in irresponsible hands and without complying with the rules of security.

So, what we need for the firebox in the box. Under the explosion is suitable any box of small size. Alternatively, you can use match boxes. For an explosive package, we smear the manganese and sulfur from the matches in the proportion somewhere 50 to 50. After that, we add wick to our box and leave a small place to the air and the fittel so that it does not go out during contact with the box.

Similarly, you can also make a big-sized box, however, we need a lot of firemen from sulfur on this case, so stock matchboxes. And more box and mixture in it, the more an explosion will be.

Photo examples of homemade petard

How to make fireworks yourself

Make fireworks yourself

Looking at the price of fireworks, more and more think about creating entertaining pyrotechnics with your own hands. There are two methods: for beginners and real pyrometers. In the text below you will receive instructions and videos how to make fireworks.

Simple fireworks do it yourself at home

In the last article we disassembled how to make the simplest fountain. Now let's tell you how to make a home firework with your own hands even more colorful, I use granulated titanium as sparking.

It will be necessary for the usual sieve for titanium granulation, NC (nitrocellulose) low viscose on a bottle of 0.5 liters of acetone or ethyl acetate is needed 100gr. And this is all pouring exactly 1 kg of titanium. (Usually, the Polbuttille is divorced and the lodge of 50 gr., NC is convenient to pool). So that the NC dissolves faster, a bottle and shake under hot water. After 10-15 minutes everything will dissolve! The sieve is preferably with a larger (diameter) wire. If the wire is small, then when we skip through it, the sausages stick back and after drying it is difficult to divide them. And when the wire is thick, the large air gaps are obtained and the dried dough crumbles well. It is better not to regret the NC to Titan, so that everything is soaked, and then add a little and urged. Otherwise, the tip of titanium will not be strong and turns out. Optimal dough, it's when the sausages are long out.

Then dried sausages, we skip again through the sieve, first through the larger, then through which granulated. And it turns out uniformital. It is convenient to clean the sieve, iron brush.

After a sieve of 0.9mm-1mm, I get 0.3-0.8 mm of granules. Through the sieve of 1.8 mm, 0.8-1.6mm granules are obtained.

But they do not need to be equal to the usual titanium, the granular should be larger than a diameter of about 30% to obtain the same effect. Because they are easier by weight. If it is under the press, dry, and then grind, then it will probably be possible to equate to the usual one, but it is a lot of work for making.

Important! Use a fountain with such titanium is careful, because Any homemade fireworks is often not predictable subject. And major sparks of Titan can ignite items near the launch site.

There should be no trees nearby, grass (if you run it in summer), houses, people, etc.

In addition to this method, on our YouTube Channel Pyrochobby there are many experiences of making fireworks. And in the section reviews, you will find almost any firework recipe with photos.

Creating Fireworks for Masters

Those who disagree on light fountains can make pyrotechnic balls: a little more effort, but the result is much more interesting.

On Youtube Pyrochobbi Channel there are many experiences manufacturer's experiences, including a review of festival balls (chandeliers). Keep in mind that for this you will need some equipment, purchased devices: Mortira, cardboard clips, asteris for fireworks, which can be found in our catalog. But even with the purchase of these materials, the homemade fireworks will get more profitable than the store, and you will get pleasure from its launch much more.

For a large firework you will need:

  1. Professional Mortira (Multi- or disposable - cardboard).
  2. Shells - Fireworks (need to be made by yourself).
  3. Electrochlasmen and connecting wires (if you want to run several shells at the same time, if not - ordinary matches are suitable).
  4. Batteries and pyrotechnic radio clutches (again, if you need to run several missiles at once, if not - matches).
  5. Foil or stretch film (to protect the product from precipitation).

When everything is ready, we start with your own hands to make fireworks:

  • Mortira (if several of them) can be collected in the installation (keep in mind that it will be heavy), i.e., make them together.
  • Lower the fireworks in the Mortira (one in each).
  • Shells have a wick for a manual hilt, pull it out to be broken, so that it is sticking out, and the mortar hole is covering 1 foil layer.
  • Fix stationery rubber bands or tape.
  • With a variant with a radio tile - instead of wicks for manual ignition, the electric shields connected to the console.
  • With a manual approach - we light the wick and depart a few meters, if we have a full setting - we use a remote control. In such cases, a home-made homemade fireworks turns out nothing worse than the purchase.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to first recognize new items: how to make fireworks, experiments and experiments!

What new year costs without fireworks? Each time after the battle, the people pour out on the streets and awesome looking at the bright flowers of salutes, screaming over the city. Such beauty is glad not only children, but also adults. Someone prefers to acquire pyrotechnics from proven producers, bold and creative people disassemble how to make fireworks with their own hands at home.

Battery Salyutov

What should be the fireworks for the new year?

For the holiday to be enjoying everyone, from Mala to Great, and did not bring problems in the form of fires and injuries, you should be aware of how to choose fireworks and how to run it correctly. So, the correct New Year's firework should be:

how to choose the right firework

  • Optimal duration - from one and a half to seven minutes. A shorter simply will not have time to impress, but from the long you borrow and do not get pleasure.
  • Speected: It is better to combine different types of light-noise effects. It is useful to know what they happen to call in the store when choosing. Flowers, peonies, palm trees, wipes, comets, stars - all these types of salutes diversify your holiday.
  • Sufficient caliber: what it is more, the tracks will be more powerful and higher.
  • Convenient: Optimum option - When you set fire to the wick once and then admire the colorful show without having to regularly approach the charges and to upload a new batch.
  • Safe: Required when buying, inspect the pyrotechnics for damage to the packaging, arsonists, wetting. Such a salute at best may simply do not work at worst - lead to injury. Find out whether it is possible to return the wrong product and how to do it - a good seller in this case will go to meet you. In general, it is better to purchase fireworks only in proven places, for example, on the site .

How to run fireworks?

Safety at the launch of salutes is an integral part of a happy holiday. About how to choose them correctly, we have already said. It is important and proper storage: away from the heating devices, in a dry place, where children will not get. Keep the pyrotechnic in the factory packaging and be sure to carefully check the expiration date.

Do not trust the launch of children and drunk people. Carefully check the shelf life. Do not forget to take funds to extinguish the fire, and finishing with the launch, remove it.

how to run fireworks correctly

Where can I run fireworks?

For a safe launch, it is necessary to pick up, first, the right platform, secondly, good weather conditions. It is necessary to pick up quite large (at least 50 to 50 meters) open space, where there are no objects able to light up (trees, haystacks, pile of branches, wooden buildings).

You can not run fireworks with wind and rain. A gusty wind can attribute him to the side of flammable items, and wet salute will not be able to high and explode close to the audience.

How to make fireworks at home?

Before telling about the manufacture of fireworks with your own hands, we once again remind that this process is very dangerous, and it is better not to save, but to purchase a certified and safe product. If you still decided to make a salute with your own hands, accurately comply with all the rules and safety equipment when working with flammable materials.

So, to make fireworks at home, we will need:

  • Sulfur - it can be scraped with matches. It will take several boxes.
  • Magnesium. It can be found as part of many details, but due to the fact that it is easily flammable, most often it exists in the form of alloys. Most effective will be purchased a special magnesium chips.
  • Metal tube 2x10 cm.
  • Wick.
  • Foil.
  • File.
  • Insulating tape.
  • Gypsum.

Magnesium and sulfur need to grind very well and mix thoroughly - it will be a "filling" of salute. One end of the metal tube must be closed with plaster and wait for its frost. A mixture of sulfur and magnesium pumped out inside by 1/3 - ½ volume of the tube, no more. The opposite end of the tube tightly wrap the foil cone to which the wick need to fasten. Foil fasten the tape.

The resulting salute will be white. If you want to give him any other shade, you can add other substances to the mixture:

  • Barium (salute will be green);
  • sodium (yellow-orange);
  • hydroxide or strontium chloride (red);
  • Chloride strontium or copper (purple).

These elements should be much smaller than the main parts of the mixture.

Do not forget about safety technician, do not keep the finished firework next to fire and do not smoke while working!

Now you can make our salute, made with your own hands at home, to the street, on the open space, away from houses and trees, and carefully set fire to the wick.

Be careful, follow the safety technique, and bright holidays to you!


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