Hyde by solving various problems, bugs and errors in Watch Dogs 2

Released back in 2014, the original Watch Dogs was able to make a lot of noise. Those who have seen various presentations of the game on E3 waited for it simply with incredible impatience. Although the released game did not meet the expectations of many (especially in terms of graphics), but still Watch Dogs came out a good game with an open world about hackers. And in two years it goes Watch Dogs 2.

It is worth noting just incredible improvements in almost all aspects of the game. Especially in terms of optimization, which is very chrome in the original game. If you do not believe, then simply check the reviews in Steam. But still it did not cost and without minuses, which, although not much, but they are.

These minuses include some problems that are pursued by all the games of modernity: black screen, departures when starting, low fps / lags, etc.

This article will contain some tips and solutions for the above problems, but before we consider them, let's take a look at the system requirements for the game. It is because of the not compliance with these requirements and most problems may arise.

Minimum system requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit version only)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 2400S @ 2.5 GHz, AMD FX 6120 @ 3.5 GHz or better
  • RAM: 6 GB RAM
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 with 2 GB video memory or AMD Radeon HD 7870, with 2 GB video memory or better
  • Network: Broadband Internet Connection
  • Disk place: 50 GB

Recommended system requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit version only)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2 GHz, AMD FX 8120 @ 3.9 GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 | AMD RADEON R9 290, with 3GB video memory or better
  • Network: Broadband Internet Connection
  • Disk place: 50 GB

If you make sure that your configuration is suitable at least at least to minimal requirements, then let's go through solving problems.

Hyde by solving various problems, bugs and errors in Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2 crashes

First of all, first of all, it is worth updating the drivers for your video card. Developers Graphic accelerators NVIDIA and AMD before going out any large AAA game release a new pack of drivers for video cards that are specifically optimized for specific games. If you check the availability of updates, you will find that the new version of the drivers is already available for installation.

But we all know how slowly, GeForce Expirience works for example. Therefore, you can use the following references below:

Watch Dogs 2 does not start

You can check the integrity of the cache in the Steam service. It is possible that there has been any error when downloading the game and some files were not loaded. To check the integrity of the cache, follow these steps:

  • Find the libraries of your games Watch Dogs 2.
  • Press it right-click and select from the context menu. "Properties".
  • Go to the tab "Local files".
  • Click on the button "Check the integrity of the cache ..."

Check can delay for a while, as the game weighs about 50GB. Once it will end, you will show all the files that have not been checking, and they will be rebooted again.

If Watch Dogs 2. still crashes, then know that the game can fly because of such programs as Fraps, MSI Afterburner, D3DGear. The thing is that they often come into conflict with settings DirectX Direct3d. What causes departures. Try turning off them on time starting the game.

Also try to start the game in the window mode. This method often works with most games.

Black Screen Watch Dogs 2

Make sure the gaming resolution meets the resolution of your monitor. If you are using NVIDIA DSR technology, then try to disable it in the NVIDIA control panel.

When using HDMI, try disconnecting it from your TV and run the game. Wait a few minutes and connect the HDMI cable to the TV. Also make sure your update frequency corresponds to 60Hz.

Low FPS / Laggers in Watch Dogs 2

As already mentioned above, you just need to update the drivers for your video card. Use links from the first item and install them. Most likely it will increase the FPS on the pair of frames.

You can also disable such graphics settings as MSAA from game options. This smoothing is very much loading the system, in any case, even if you have the most topical configuration.

You can also perform the following steps to raise FPS:

  • If you are an AMD card holder, turn off the RAPTR utility from the task manager. Also set values "Tessellation mode - 8x / 16x" и "Quality Filtering Textures - Performance" In the CRIMSON utility.
  • If you are a NVIDIA card holder, then go to "NVIDIA Control Panel" - "3D Parameters" - "Power Management Mode" And set the value "Mode of Maximum Performance".
  • When testing various fps twitch, try to disable CrossFire / SLI mode if you use it. Sometimes the game at the time of release is poorly working with CrossFire / SLI.
  • Disable programs for capturing video by type FRAPS, D3DGEAR, MSI AfterBurner.

Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer does not work

Some players can get a message "Anti-Ht Protection is not included. Multiplayer will be disabled "When you try to start the multiplayer application on your smartphone or when connected to the session.

Take the following steps:

  • Go to the game setup folder.
  • Find the Easyanticheat utility.
  • Run it with an executive file.
  • Select from the Watch Dogs 2 drop-down menu.
  • Click "Repair".

After that, this message should no longer appear.

The second part of the "dogs" acquired not only new interesting characters, devices and hacker things, but significantly better graphics. Details of study and the believability of the picture will not pass simply for not playing "iron horses". Therefore, let's try to figure out how to set the graphics settings so that with minimal victims in the picture, save the maximum amount of FPS in the picture. To begin with, remember the minimum and recommended requirements. It is for the owners of PCs between them, this guide will be especially useful.

Minimum system requirements Watch Dogs 2

CPU: Intel Core i5-2400s @ 2.5 GHz or AMD FX-6120 @ 3.5 GHz.

Operative memory: 6 GB

Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2 GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870 2 GB.

Recommended system requirements Watch Dogs 2

CPU: Intel Core i5-3470 @ 3.2 GHz or AMD FX-8120 @ 3.9 GHz.

Operative memory: 8 GB

Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB or AMD RADEON RX 480 4 GB.

If read is lazy - Ploy to play Watch Dogs 2 in PlayKey's Cloud , then one must - understand this material - will become less. Do not look for easy ways? Going further - closer to business.

I want 60 fps. Watch Dogs 2 graphics settings on a weak PC

Pixel Density (Pixel Density)

Impact on productivity (hereinafter - GNP): Strong (14-17 FPS) or positive (0.75x - up to 20 fps).

Leave this parameter at the value of 1,00x. Because it is an alternative to the usual change in permission. Three-dimensional graphics will be rendered under reduced resolution, but all parts of the interface and the in-game menus will remain in the resolution displayed in the parameter.

The value of 0.75X will allow you to win up to 20 fps. At the same time, the owners of the weak PC will have to come down with a light blalor. Lyfhak: Connecting to an LCD TV with built-in image improvement will correct the situation. Below 0.75x - "Eyes flow". A 1.25X - for powerful PC Boyar.

Tempor Filtering (Temporal Filtering)

GNP: Positive (adds to 20 fps in Full HD).

Another influential parameter, but - suddenly! - In the best sense of the word. All A-la "chess rendering" is arranged in PlayStation Pro. That is, the image is rendered under reduced resolution, and then the chitomotro is stretched to the urgent, focusing on the neighboring pixels. Distortion at the same time notice not easy. Include to all.

Geometry (Geometry)

GNP: Weak (2-3 fps).

Responsible for the details of objects near. If the processor does not pull at all, put the mean value, and in all other - ultra (with damage to a pair of personnel).

Additionally (Extra Details)

GNP: Depends on the power of the processor (from 17 FPS at a value of 100%).

Responsible for the imposition of additional prevails to all objects. Make a value greater than 0% is recommended to boyars with Intel Core i5 or i7. The rest threatens the loss from 17 frames and above.

Relief (Terrain)

GNP: Weak (1-2 FPS).

One of those parameters that make the picture beautiful, not extinguishing in performance. Specifically, this is responsible for the appearance of the landscape and land. Even on low-power PCs, you can begin with a high value, risking 1 frame.

Vegetation (Vegetation)

GNP: Weak (2-3 fps).

This is about the details of the image of the trees away. Watch Dogs 2 is very dependent on the power of the processor. And therefore, leave a low value on the weak PC - so also in principle looks good. At the "horses" it is more powerful to try ultra.

I want 60 fps. Watch Dogs 2 graphics settings on a weak PC

Texture Resolution (Texture Resolution)

GNP: Weak (1-4 fps).

Video memory consumption: tall.

Unlike other games, it is in Watch Dogs 2 on ultra-settings risks irretrievably losing as much as 4 frames! It seemed b - do not greed, total 4. But if it is 4 from the initial 30 FPS, then in comparison, the pain of the game is familiar. Plus also load on the video card - at least 6 GB.

Therefore, the greed, not more than the high value and then on the strong PC.

Texture Filtering (Texture Filtering)

GNP: Weak (1-2 FPS).

Works on the clarity of the surfaces, which lie at an angle from the player. He eats a bit, you can put the maximum speed.

Shadows (Shadows)

GNP: Standard shadow - average (2-8 FPS), PCSS (20-22 FPS), HFTS (22-25 FPS).

Demanding parameter. High value makes clear shadows with soft edges. However, the Watch Dogs 2 also has two additional technologies: HFTS and PCSS, which, highly differing in the work mechanism, are not very different in one - eat up to 25 frames! It is worth trying, only armed with GeForce GTX 1070 and above. In other cases - the average value.

Shadows of objects in the light of headlights (Headlight Shadows)

GNP: Average (5-6 FPS).

From the name everything is in principle clear. It is not clear that with the value. In principle, the parameter works quickly, taking only a couple of frames. Therefore, the owners of various GeForce GTX 900, GTX 1000 and RX 400 boldly include maximum value here. The rest are limited to the value of "your car".

Water (Water)

GNP: Weak (2-3 fps).

Determines whether objects will be reflected in water and as far as in detail. You can unscrew the maximum on any PC.

I want 60 fps. Watch Dogs 2 graphics settings on a weak PC


GNP: Weak (2-3 fps).

And this is about the reflections at all, and not only in the water. What is already critical. Takes away a little, so it is better to turn on and sacrifice something else.

SSLR (Screen Space Reflections)

GNP: Strong (10-12 fps).

SSLR is space reflections (reflections on the screen space). Great reflections depth, better quality, less on a dozen frames. If you are not an esthete, turn off. I really want to be - do not get out of the value "very high".

Fog San Francisco (San Francisco Fog)

GNP: Strong (10-35 fps).

One of the chips of the "City at the Bay" - fog. It extends from San Francisco Bay to the Golden Gate Strait, enveloping most of the same name of the same name. It looks amazing: it becomes more dense, then on the contrary, then under the influence of sunlight changes color at sunsets and dawns. There are also "local" fogs - in other areas of the city. If the first 15 fps is located at once, then local fogs are taped by frames 10. That is, you can admire all the beauty only on powerful computers.

I want 60 fps. Watch Dogs 2 graphics settings on a weak PC

Depth of field (depth of field)

GNP: Weak (1-2 FPS).

The effect borrowed from the cinema - the background is blurring, focus to make in the foreground. Most games have a bit, Watch Dogs 2 in this regard is no exception. Include optional.

Blur and Glow (Motion Blur and Bloom)

GNP: Extremely weak (less than 1 fps).

Another hello from Sinema. The first adds blur when the camera moves, and the second makes brighter the sun's rays and their reflection. You can include on your taste.

Volumetric Light (Ambient Occlusion)

GNP: Average (5-6 FPS).

Responsible for discarding the objects of shadows on themselves and on each other. Regardless of technology - HBAO +, HMSSAO and SSBC - a little affect performance. However, on a very weak PC can be sacrificed with bulk light.

MSAA (Multisample Anti-Aliasing)

GNP: Strong (12-25 fps).

Available when "temporary filtering" is turned off, and is responsible for high-quality smoothing. Turn off. One shutdown of "temporary filtering" takes 20 frames, and about the same amount takes any of the MSAA values.

Postposting иSmoothing (Post-Process Anti-Aliasing)

GNP: Weak (1-2 FPS).

The most common smoothing. On modern graphics adapters and FPS will lose quite a bit - a pair of personnel maximum. We recommend to exhibit FXAA here for budget game computers, and for top and medium-producing - SMAA.

Table optimal settings Watch Dogs 2 graphics

As usual, for preferring table formation - "Brief retelling of previous chapters":

I want 60 fps. Watch Dogs 2 graphics settings on a weak PC

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First steps

At the very beginning of the optimization of the game on a weak PC, several simple things should be done.

Disconnect unnecessary programs, and clean RAM.

Cleaning RAM into manual

  1. Press the "CTRL" + "SHIFT" + "ESC" simultaneously.
  2. Candle on the Processes tab. Pay attention to which of the active processes most consume the resources of the central processor (CPU) and memory. Useless and suspicious applications (these may be elements of viruses, seeking to pull out data and system resources).
  3. Close Task Manager. Press together the "Win" and "R" keys.
  4. In the "Open" row type - msconfig. Click OK.
  5. Clear Mice Activate the "Auto-loading" tab. Remove the tick near the programs that you do not use or use, but it is extremely rare (they can be started manually from the desktop or the Start panel).
  6. Click "Apply" and "OK". Restart OS.

List of automatic cleaning utilities

ATTENTION! Over only the list of the most reliable utilities. Functional and how to use you can find on YouTube.

Also the most important component of the acceleration of your system is antivirus.

Antivirus, as I am sure you have been known for a long time, did not "eat" the RAM of our computer, because of what, they arise the very sediments and lags in games.

So from here there is a conclusion: Disconnect the antivirus before running such a game like WD2.

After turning off all programs, clean the RAM, go to the next no less important step.

Cleaning the video card from dirt and dust

As you probably know, you can not get anywhere from dirt and dust, it was about this that I decided to include this section here.

Lags and sizing can also occur because of dust, which is styled inside the video card, causing it overheating.

In order to prevent such things, I recommend to vacuum your video card, as well as disassemble it every 3 months to clean from dust, which is located between the fan and chip inside the video card.

You will see, the FPS will rise in games.

Driver Update for Your Video Card

The main problem of lags and problems with FPS in the game may be old versions of the video card driver.

How to update these same drivers?

To begin with, you need to know what version of the video card we have

1 way

If you consider third-party software, one of the most powerful tools for diagnosing a computer and the operating system is the AIDA64 program, the previous versions of which were called Everest. Among the plurality of PC, which this utility is capable of issuing is possible, it is possible to determine the video card model.

  1. Run Aida64. During the startup process, the application automatically performs a pre-scanning system. In the "Menu" tab, click on the "Display".
  2. In the list of the list, click on the "Graphics Processor" item. In the right part of the window in the "Graphic Processor Properties" block, find the "Video adapter" parameter. It must be the first in the list. Opposite it is the name of the manufacturer of the video card and its model.

The main disadvantage of this method is that the utility is paid, although there is a free trial period lasting in 1 month.

2 way

We now turn to ways to find out the name of the video adapter manufacturer, which are carried out using the built-in Windows tools. This information can be primarily obtained by going to the Device Manager.

  1. Click on the "Start" button at the bottom of the screen. In the menu that opens, click "Control Panel".
  2. The list of control panel sections opens. Go to "System and Security".
  3. In the list of names, select System. Or you can immediately click on the name of the Device Manager subsection.
  4. If you selected the first option, after switching to the "System" window in the side menu, the Device Manager item will be. You should click on it. There is an alternative transition option that does not involve the use of the "Start" button. It can be done using the "Run" tool. By typing Win + R, we call this tool. Drive in its field. Click "OK".
  5. After the transition to the device manager was carried out, click on the name "video adapter".
  6. Record with a video card brand. If you want to know more about it more details, double-click on this item.
  7. The video adapter properties window opens. In the upper line there is a name for its model. In the "General", "Driver" tab, "Information" and "Resources" you can find out the various information about the video card.

This method is good in that it is fully carried out by internal instruments of the system and does not require the installation of third-party software.

After we learned the brand of our video card, we make the following actions:

  1. We go to the browser.
  2. In the browser string, write a link to the site: www.nvidia.ru
  3. We choose our video card, and the operating system of our PC.
  4. After completing the download .exe file with our drivers, run it.
  5. Choose a standard installation, and waiting for its end. Well! When downloading, close all applications, games, and so on for normal driver installation!
  6. After installing, restart your PC.

Voila, drivers are successfully installed! Go to the next item!

Purchase additional fan for video card


This item is not mandatory, you can shed.

In order for the video card not so quickly overheated, you can do this decision.

This is the 2nd Wantian, who lies on the video card, and does not allow her to overheat so quickly.

Such a fan costs + -200 rubles, but will not be worse than buying a new video card. Here will see. The result will be volatile

Optimization of the game in the settings

Well, it's easier to nowhere, only minimals, only hardcore! In games with high minimals, be sure to place the minimum charts. In theory, they will be initially low, but still, look in the settings, and suddenly. Put minimal resolution. This is also a very important thing to increase FPS. Run the game in the window if the drawders are colossal. This is also one of the ways to optimize the game.

Does not start and crashes

Most often, the problem with the launch of the game occurs because of the wrong or incorrect installation. Make sure that there were no errors during installation. In case of errors when installing the Watch Dogs 2, deselect it and start the installation again, after turning off the antivirus. You also need to remember that on the way to the installation folder game you should not have Cyrillic signs. Use only Latin letters and numbers.

After installation, start the game on behalf of the administrator.

Does not start. Launcherror Dotlocal DLL REDIRECTION Error


Due to the incompetence of testers, the error leading to the departure was at the very beginning of the game. On the first mission, the game can fly, but this is not always happening, about 50% of cases when Marcus starts working with the computer "Blume" to remove its personal data from CTOS.

If you met this problem - do not panic, just restart the computer and go through this episode with the nearest checkpoint. However, if you have already updated Watch Dogs 2 to version 1.06, you can exhale - the bug, leading to the flight should already be corrected. In the course of the game, you can also "catch" departure, and most often it happens during walks around the city. This, too, there is nothing terrible - helps restart the last auto storage.

Gives an error about the absence of a DLL file

At the end of such materials, we always place this section, the task of which to help you solve the problem associated with the absence of a DLL-file in a system.

In fact, the emergence of numerous variants of this error is not directly connected with the game, since the DLL libraries are stored in the system and added to it as the operating system is updated.

If you encountered the fact that the game or the program refuses to start, referring to the missing DLL file, then use the DLL-Fixer utility. It will allow you to upload "clean" (not infected with viruses) files from official sources. However, if the use of such a pretty on you, you can try to find a missing file yourself.



There are no cases when the frame meter falls until indecently low values ​​even on top system configurations. Unfortunately, this is the problem of the game itself, or rather the puncture of the developers in its optimization.

Apparently, the drop in performance occurs when setting up the highest possible graphics parameters. It is they who inadequately load a computer without improving the picture in the equivalent indicator.

The developers themselves assure that they work on improving the situation, but for now they recommend slightly reduce the settings. Especially additional detail (Extra Details) and San Francisco Fog (San Francisco Fog).

Also worth paying attention to a very convenient memory load window, which can also be detected next to the graphics settings. It clearly shows how much memory will use the game with the current configuration of the parameters. It makes no sense to score a video card under the string, because its part is so busy by default for the system. The easiest solution will always leave a small supply - at least 250 megabytes.

Freezes when turning the camera

It is not about the flying game, namely the hang in those moments when the player sharply turns the camera. The game is trying to download the surrounding space, but fiasco suffers due to the imperfect program code.

This error is not related to any graphic settings - friezes can occur on any settings both on AMD and on NVIDIA cards.

At the moment, the decision is not observed, and the problem itself appears far from all. Perhaps ubisoft will pay attention to it in the future.

Black screen


Most often, the problem with the black screen is a problem with a graphics processor. Check if your video card meets the minimum requirements and put the latest version of the drivers. Sometimes the black screen is a consequence of insufficient CPU performance.

If everything is fine with iron, and it satisfies the minimum requirements - try switching to another window (Alt + Tab), and then return to the game window.

Not verified

If after running Watch Dogs 2 you see a black screen, try to translate the game into the window mode, for this you need to click the ALT + ENTER key combination. After again, go to the full screen mode, re-pressing the combination of these keys.

The black screen in games is most often found due to problems with a graphics processor. Make sure your video card meets the minimum requirements of the game that we described above also update the video card driver.

No sound


Before starting Watch Dogs 2, make sure that there is sound in another program. After that, see whether the sound is not turned off in the settings of the game itself and whether the device is correctly selected there for sound playback. Next, you should open a mixer during the operation of the game and check if the sound is disconnected there.

If you have an external sound card, refresh the drivers for it, then install the game.

Management does not work

Please note that the game supports both the keyboard with the mouse and some gamepads. These are mainly those that have a layout similar to that in the Xbox 360 Controller. If you have any problems with control, try to disable the gamepad for a while if you play the keyboard. Also, do not forget to check whether everything is correct in the control settings in the game. It will not be superfluous to check whether the cable from your input device is well connected to the computer.

Options hacking do not appear

The inability to hack the story object is a significant problem for the game in which everything spins around the hackers. For unfortunately, it is not always clear that the point is in the game bug, so the novice players quite dislarously wrote down this on the specific rules of the game itself.

If you believe the scriptures of patches for Watch Dogs 2, this problem has already been fixed in updating 1.04, which came out with the release of the PC version of the game. If you played the console and also faced the inability of hacking, then reboot into the game - there should be no more such.

No Russian language

Officially Watch Dogs 2 is fully translated into Russian. So download a third-party crack is not recommended. If you have no Russian language in the game, try changing the language in the game settings menu. If there is no possibility to choose Russian, then reinstall the game with a disabled antivirus.

Do not work conservation

If you do not work saving in the game, or the game is not saved, make sure that you have enough space on the disk where the folder with the save game is most often this disk "C" is a disc with an OC installed. Also make sure that the path to the preservation folder has only Latin letters. In conclusion

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Despite the fact that the GRAND THEFT AUTO Series Games go only once a few years, the fans of corporate faith in the open metropolis from Rockstar Games still receive a worthy "GTA substitute" from other developers. In 2015, Just Cause 3 became them, and in 2014 - the first part of the Watch Dogs. It is the continuation of the latter and pleased the genre lovers in 2016.

The action of a gloomy chicago was transferred to San Francisco-flooded Sun Francisco, and a young black park worshlorine named Marcus came to replace the ridiculous peer of Tom Cruise. The new protagonist where dodging with the hacking of computer systems than the Eiden Pierce, and has a wider arsenal hacker foci.

However, except for deeper mechanics Watch Dogs 2 acquired and seriously increasing graphics. Even the screenshots with the usual Full HD-resolution are difficult to distinguish from real photos - so much in detail and plausiblely modeled. True and the system for inclusion of all the beauties of the game requires the appropriate: even in minimal requirements, highly unslab processors are specified for four and six cores, from Intel and AMD, respectively.

Next, we will analyze what the graphics settings are influenced in the game and which of them can be reduced so that the game worked well even on the low-power "hardware".

Minimum system requirements

Watch Dogs 2.

CPU: Intel Core i5-2400s @ 2.5 GHz or AMD FX-6120 @ 3.5 GHz.


Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2 GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870 2 GB.

On a computer that does not correspond to even the minimum requirements of Watch Dogs 2, it is better not to launch this game at all - lose your PC due to overheating.

Recommended system requirements

Watch Dogs 2.

CPU: Intel Core i5-3470 @ 3.2 GHz or AMD FX-8120 @ 3.9 GHz.


Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB or AMD RADEON RX 480 4 GB.

Having a gaming computer, close or even superior requirements, at first glance, you can continue to read. However, any lucky owner of the top car will find out how and where it is possible to regulate without special damage to beauty.

Well, of course, those who are between minimal and recommended requirements, this article should be most useful.

Setting up Watch Dogs 2 graphics

Pixel Density (Pixel Density)

Impact on productivity: Strong (14-17 FPS) or positive (0.75x - up to 20 fps).

This is the first important parameter that would be better not to touch at all, leaving at the value of 1,00x. "Pixel density" is a modern replacement for a classic decrease (or increase) permission that allows you to unload the system in a similar way, but without reducing the definition of the interface. The three-dimensional graphics will be rendered under reduced resolution, but all the parts of the interface and the in-game menus will remain in the resolution that is set in the appropriate parameter.

The value of 0.75X will allow you to win up to 20 fps. It can be recommended to the owners of low-power systems that are ready to put up with a slight purity of the image. However, if you connect your computer to a modern LCD TV, then the distortions will noticeably not be possible thanks to various embedded technologies to improve the picture.

Below 0.75x should not be put - otherwise you have, as they say, "Eyes flow". And 1,25x allows you to achieve a supercount image, but also the resources "bissing" a lot - put only if you have a top PC. Ideally, they still leave 1.00x.

Tempor Filtering (Temporal Filtering)

Impact on productivity: Positive (adds to 20 fps in Full HD).

"Time filtering" is a second parameter that seriously affects performance. And what is the most interesting - only for the better. This technology works in about the same way as "Chess Rendering" is arranged in PlayStation Pro. Essence: The image is rendered under reduced resolution, and then tricky is stretched to the current, using neighboring pixels as guidelines (distortions are practically indistinguishable).

Thanks to such machinations, the system is significantly unloaded, and the game can accelerate to 20 frames (in resolution of 1920 × 1080 and pixel density 1,00x). Therefore, we advise absolutely everyone must include this parameter.

Geometry (Geometry)

Impact on productivity: Weak (2-3 fps).

The "Geometry" parameter determines the level of detailing most objects, except for particularly remote and trees. A strong effect on productivity is possible only on old or low-power processors. In this case, choose the average value, and in all other - ultra (only a pair of personnel will be lost).

Additionally (Extra Details)

Impact on productivity: Depends on the power of the processor (from 17 FPS at a value of 100%).

The option "Advanced" is responsible for overlaying additional parts to all objects, including trees. It should be touched only by the owners of the top Intel Core i5 or i7, and to all the rest - to leave 0% at the value. Otherwise, a loss of 17 and more personnel is possible.

Relief (Terrain)

Impact on productivity: Weak (1-2 FPS).

In Watch Dogs 2 there are several settings that make an image more attractive, and practically do not affect performance. One of these and is the setting called "Relief". It defines the appearance of the landscape and the earth: the clarity of its textures and the quality of normal (fake irregularities). Even on weak gaming "machines" you can set a high value - only 1 frame will disappear. And on medium or powerful boldly put "ultra".

Vegetation (Vegetation)

Impact on productivity: Weak (2-3 fps).

"Vegetation" is responsible for detailing trees located in the distance. In general, this parameter is not very "voracious", but since Watch Dogs 2 strongly depends on the power of the processor, then on the weak PC, we still advise you to put a low value here (even objects look good on it). And on top and computers, you can try "ultra" on the top and computers.

Texture Resolution (Texture Resolution)

Impact on productivity: Weak (1-4 fps).

Video memory consumption: tall.

Most modern games "Resolution textures" affects productivity. However, in Watch Dogs 2, you can lose 4 frames at ultra-settings! It seems to be not so much, but if your game is barely holding 30 FPS, then drop up to 26 and below will be noticeably naked eye. Yes, and video memory required for the high quality textures of at least 6 gigabytes (and on the 4K resolution - all 8!).

Therefore, as neither regrettable, but do not advise on weak devices to choose the value above the usual "high" to "resolve the textures". In the extreme case, you can even try to try.

Texture Filtering (Texture Filtering)

Impact on productivity: Weak (1-2 FPS).

Filtering textures (anisotropic filtration, etc.) allows surfaces located at an angle from the observer, remain clear. Without additional processing in the form of filtering texture with such angles, they usually look blurred.

Like the previous parameter, "Filtering textures" consumes very little resources, so you can set the maximum value here.

Shadows (Shadows)

Impact on productivity: Standard shadow - average (2-8 FPS), PCSS (20-22 FPS), HFTS (22-25 FPS).

"Shadows" - one of the most demanding parameters in most games. It determines the quality of the display of shadow effects: the higher the value is, the surface of the shadows becomes clearer and more detailed, and their edges are softer. However, the Watch Dogs 2 also has two additional technologies: HFTS and PCSS. They are very different from each other according to the work technique, and it is difficult to say which one looks better.

But unites HFTS and PCSS one simple thing - incredible voraciousness (up to 25 frames!). Therefore, probably, they are trying to try only the owners of truly top PC (with a video card not lower than GeForce GTX 1070). The owners of "strong middle peasants" will advise the standard high meaning, and if the PC is barely meets the minimum requirements - the average.

Shadows of objects in the light of headlights (Headlight Shadows)

Impact on productivity: Average (5-6 FPS).

The name of this setting speaks for itself. It allows you to deepen the shadow system in the game. In addition to the basic shadows around the player's machine, additional headlights appear. You can enable the effect only for your car, or for another, two or three nearest. In this case, the trips on San Francisco will become more painfully.

On modern video cards (not older than 2 years), this parameter works quickly, only a couple of frames. Therefore, the owners of various GeForce GTX 900, GTX 1000 and RX 400 can boldly include the maximum value here. The rest should be limited to the "Your Auto" option.

Water (Water)

Impact on productivity: Weak (2-3 fps).

This parameter is responsible for the presence and detail of reflections on the waves of large reservoirs. For the workplace of the water surface itself, it, despite the name, does not respond. The performance affects little, so you can try to exhibit a maximum of any computer here.


Impact on productivity: Weak (2-3 fps).

This setting is also responsible for reflection. Only not for water, but for everything in general. Therefore, if it is completely turned off, then there will be no normal reflections in the game. Yes, she takes only a couple of personnel, so it's better to turn on, and donate something more demanding.

SSLR (Screen Space Reflections)

Impact on productivity: Strong (10-12 fps).

SSLR is decrypted as Screen Space Reflections (reflections on the screen space). It gives reflections of greater depth and detail, making them even better. However, resources consumes a lot - even on top of the gland, 10-12 frames are taken immediately.

During the passage of Watch Dogs 2, you are unlikely to closely look at the plausibility of reflections. Therefore, it is better to disable. If you can boast a high-performance video card, you can try to enable the value "very high" - it is ideal for the "price / quality".

San Francisco Fog (San Francisco Fog)

Impact on productivity: Strong (10-35 fps).

Fog San Francisco is one of the main attractions of the "City of the Bay". It extends from San Francisco Bay to the Golden Gate Strait, enveloping most of the same name of the same name. It looks just luxurious: changes its density, and due to the rays of the sun at different times of the day - also color.

In fact, the parameter called "Fog San Francisco" includes not only the main natural phenomenon in the city, but also the fogs are smaller appearing in other areas. If the first can put on his knees almost any PC, reappeared at once 35 FPS, then local fogs slow down the game only by frames for 10. Accordingly, to include all this beauty is only on top computers.

Depth of field (depth of field)

Impact on productivity: Weak (1-2 FPS).

This is a well-known cinematic effect, which, on the one hand, can hide low details of remote objects, and on the other, concentrates the player's attention in the foreground during the rollers, blurring background. As in most modern games, it practically does not consume nothing, so it is possible to turn it on your taste.

Blur and Glow (Motion Blur and Bloom)

Impact on productivity: Extremely weak (less than 1 fps).

Both of these effects are also cinematic. The first adds a blur when moving the camera, and the second makes the sun's rays and their reflection at around brighter, even blinding. Resources they practically do not "eat", so they can be safely included or not Include at your own.

Volumetric Light (Ambient Occlusion)

Impact on productivity: Average (5-6 FPS).

The "Volume Light" (or Ambient Occlusion) parameter is responsible for discing the shadows on themselves and each other. Watch Dogs 2 has several volumetric light technologies: HBAO +, HMSSAO and SSBC. It is impossible to say which one is better - they all work absolutely differently, and the performance affects littleness. Therefore, we recommend to turn off only on very weak machines, and on top and foremost choose technology to your taste, based on its influence on the picture.

MSAA (Multisample Anti-Aliasing)

Impact on productivity: Strong (12-25 fps).

This parameter is available only when the "time filtering" is turned off. He is responsible for high-quality smoothing. We think only the owners of the top PC are worth using them: one shutdown of "temporary filtering" takes 20 frames, and about the same amount takes any of the MSAA values.

Post-Process Anti-Aliasing (Post-Process Anti-Aliasing)

Impact on productivity: Weak (1-2 FPS).

But this type of smoothing is already the most common. When using it on modern graphics adapters and FPS will be completely slightly a bit - 1 or 2 units. We recommend to exhibit FXAA here for budget game computers, and for top and medium-producing - SMAA.

Table optimal settings Watch Dogs 2 graphics

Well, the results by tradition are summarized in the form of a table-crib:

Watch Dogs 2 Settings Table

* * *

And if your home iron favorite is not designed to play Watch Dogs 2, then welcome In the clouds - Here, as in paradise, you can play on the PC of any power, even the weakest.

Enjoy your games and haiks in sf!)

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