Map Carousel 2021 - How to get for free

Hypermarkets "Carousel" is the largest trading network that employs 85 stores scattered throughout the country. In addition to high-quality goods, it attracts people with their loyalty program, permanent shares and discounts. Especially profitable for buyers is a bonus map of the network.

Benefits Card Carousel for Buyers

For regular buyers of stores "Carousel" and "Crossroads of the hyper" bonus card can be a great opportunity to save money well. When purchasing in one of these stores, bonuses will be credited to the personal account, which can be exchanged for a discount at the next hike in the hypermarket.

To take advantage of the bonuses on the map, it should always be kept with you. In addition, it is very important to make purchases in one of the network supermarkets at least once a year. This will help keep the status of a participant in the loyalty program.


How to get a map of loyalty Markets "Carousel" and "Crossroads" for free

Previously, the loyalty card from hypermarkets was issued to buyers absolutely free. At the moment, official sources report that its cost is 9 rubles. It is inexpensive, and the card design will bring good benefits to buyers. And you can get plastic in several ways.

At the box office of the hypermarket

The easiest and most obvious way to receive a map is the design at the box office of the hypermarket. Usually sales assistants themselves offer customers to fill out the questionnaire and get plastic for accumulating bonuses. If this did not happen, you can directly ask the cashier about where and how to get a card.


Also in the stores "Carousel" or "Hyper Crossroads" you can find a special rack for filling out the questionnaire. Indicating the data in the document, it is necessary to be as honest as possible, as the store has the right not to issue a map or at any time stop accrued bonuses.

To the card remains valid, it is important to comply with all the rules of the loyalty program. With them it will be possible to familiarize yourself when filling out the questionnaire. By putting his signature, the buyer automatically agrees with all the requirements of the store. Immediately after receiving the map you can use for the accumulation of bonuses.

Through a mobile application

For those who constantly forget discount cards, the carousel provided the ability to design a virtual account. Fill out a questionnaire and become a participant in the loyalty program using a special mobile application my carousel. It can be installed both on android and on iOS.

Carousel application

After starting the application, the client needs to click the "Get Map" button and enter your phone number in the appropriate column. After saving to the smartphone, I will receive an SMS with a confirmation code. The resulting combination of numbers must be entered in the desired graph in the application.

After that, the questionnaire will open. Having answered all questions, the client becomes a registered user and give him a virtual map. To take advantage of it, it is enough to open the application on the smartphone and show the cashier.

Through the official website

At the moment, it is impossible to place a map through the official website of This feature was available to customers before the application appears. In most regions of Russia, this link simply does not work.

If the site opens, it will be possible to fill out a form for a card. As a result, an email will come to an email with a combination of numbers (ID), which will need to be present at the store office for plastic.

Registration Personal Cabinet Club Carousel

To access all the capabilities of the card, the buyer needs to start your personal account in the application my carousel. It is easy to make it, just enter into the appropriate graph in your application number or map number.

Personal Area

Usually the application requests a password from the user, about which most buyers know nothing. However, the default password is the last four digits of the card number. After entering the four-digit code, the main page of the Personal Account opens.

Opportunities online

Personal account in the application opens a number of new features for users:

  • Check bonus account;
  • access to the existing shares in the store;
  • List of nearest network stores.

In addition, for registration in the application, the client receives additional bonuses to the account.

How to restore login password

The password for logging into your personal account by default is the last four digits of the card number. Most users prefer not to change it, as it is easily remembered, and in the case of which you can always look at the plastic and remind yourself of the desired code.

But if you lose a card, any found can get access to it. Therefore, it is better to show prudency and change the password.

It is worth remembering that the new password is very easily forgotten, and it will not be turned out to be survived. To restore the login code you need:

  • go to the app and press the input button;
  • Select Password Restore item;
  • Specify the phone number and follow further instructions.

Password recovery

You can also restore the password by the map number. If any questions occur, you can always call the hotline of the store by number: 8 (800) 200-56-65.

Rules for accrues and use of bonuses

The accumulation of bonuses on the card will occur after each purchase in the network of hypermarkets "Carousel" and "Hyper Crossroads". According to the rules of the store, a certain number of bonuses will be translated into account equal to 1/10 from the value of each purchase.

For example, a check in the amount of 100 rubles will bring the user 10 bonus units, for 2000 - 200 bonuses and so on. It should be noted that the bonuses are not charged on the card in the event of the acquisition of tobacco products, promotional goods and for purchases worth less than 100 rubles.

Carousel Card.

In the future, accumulated bonuses can be used to receive a discount while paying for the purchase at the checkout. Ten bonus units equates to one ruble discounts. For example, if there are 3000 bonuses on your account, then with the next purchase, you can count on a discount of 300 rubles. There are no restrictions on the volume of discount, so some purchases of the client will be able to fully pay for accumulated points.

How and where to purchase a gift certificate network

In addition to various bonus and discount cards, in "Carousel" you can purchase gift certificates in the amount of 250 to 3000 rubles. The cost of such a gift will correspond to its raid or slightly exceed (depending on the certificate order method).

Carousel Certificate

In Moscow

You can order a gift card Carousel on special sites, such as, or After ordering a certificate, it will be possible to pick it up in one of Moscow offices.

In St. Petersburg

The process of buying a certificate in St. Petersburg is no different from the previous one. To order an order, it is enough to go into one of the specialized online stores and choose a suitable product. Pick up the gift will also have to be independently.

In the context of the strongest competition, stores have to invent various discount systems for customer retention. It is not an exception and network of carousel hypermarkets. In these shopping centers, you can get a special bonus card that will make purchases with a good discount.

The network of hypermarkets "Carousel" is one of the largest in the European part of Russia. In any of the 91 stores you can buy almost everything you need to family members - products, industrial goods, animal feed, household chemicals.

To attract customers, the company launched a loyalty program that allows not only to purchase goods at lower prices, but also receive purchases.

The launch of the mobile application "My Carousel" significantly expanded the range of potential buyers. Participants in the program can be residents of any corner of Russia. To do this, it is enough to fill out the questionnaire and get a map.

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How to get a "carousel" card in the store

Filling orders in network hypermarkets is a traditional way to distribute discount cards. Any buyer can arrange them on sales racks. To get the "Carousel" map, you need to pay for its cost at the checkout. The price is low - only 9 rubles. After making the required amount, the buyer with check comes to the store's employee and fills out the questionnaire.

Mobile application users "My Carousel" may not make orders for paper blanks.

All the necessary information will be entered in online mode. However, if the participant has a loyalty program, there is no phone based on iOS or Android, fill out the questionnaire through the computer will not work. Previously acting access to the personal account through the company's website from December 1, 2017 is closed.

Sometimes the employees of hypermarkets are misleading buyers, pointing to the possibility of registration via the Internet. But in the absence of a mobile device with the right software, buyers will not be able to fill out the document. Therefore, if the client does not have the application "My Carousel", it is necessary to require an application form in the store.

Filling the questionnaire

To arrange a card in the store, the program participant must fill in all fields of the form issued by the employee. The questionnaire can be taken home and then return to the hypermarket. The form consists of two parts - personal information about the participant is brought to the first, the second contains the conditions of use.

Application form for receiving map Carousel

Fill out the questionnaire with printed letters in the allotted fields. This will exclude operator errors when entering data into the system.

The document includes the following information:

  • surname;
  • name;
  • patronymic;
  • floor;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Telephone number;
  • Email;
  • the address.

Email and address is optional. Do not specify unreliable information. Detection of false information by the operator is the basis for canceling the map.

Second page of the questionnaire

On the second page of the questionnaire, check the checkboxes near the required service condition items, sign and specify the fill date. Map number is not required. This field fills the employee of the hypermarket.

Registration conditions

Making data of the participant of the loyalty program "Carousel" on the questionnaire filled in the store takes about a month. During this period, the user cannot convert and spend accumulated points. The accrual of bonuses occurs in the usual mode. After receiving access to the LC, all operations on the map will be displayed on the account during this period.

Speakeling the process can self-register in the mobile application "My Carousel". You can enter your personal account by map number and password, which is the last 4 digits of the card number. The procedure will take literally 5 minutes. Upon its end, the user will be available to the full arsenal of services on the map.

How to get a card via the Internet

Before entering the mobile application, the company provided the opportunity to customers to issue a questionnaire of the loyalty program online on its website. The form of the document was located at Currently, the service can not fully issue a map. The client fills only an email address and receives an identification number - ID.

Get a Carousel Card over the Internet

This number is provided by an employee of a hypermarket, after which the card design is made in the usual manner.

How to get a virtual card through a mobile application

The program for phones and tablets "My Carousel" allows you to participate in the loyalty program without presenting a plastic card. All the necessary information is scanned from the Mobile Device Screen. For calculating and using bonuses, only a phone is needed.

You can buy a virtual map completely free. To do this, download the application to the phone, which is available in the Google Play or App Store stores.

After installing the program on the phone go to the application. The service will offer the choice of "Log in" or "Get the Card". Choose the second point.

Get a carousel card in a mobile application

Then you will need to fill the participant's questionnaire. Electronic document items are identical with sections in a paper form. Only instead of the full address is enough to specify the city. The settlement is selected from cities in which there are network stores. If there is no close in the list of the city, you should choose the nearest.

Filling out a questionnaire in a mobile application

Consistently press the "Continue" and "Get Map" buttons.

You can immediately choose a favorite category of goods on which increased bonuses are accrued. When choosing should consider how much products costs and how often the client plans to buy it.

Choosing a favorite category of goods

At the end of the procedure, the service will issue registration information. The user can immediately start working in the Personal Account.

You can get a map of the permanent buyer of the network of hypermarkets a carousel in several ways. Consider each of them individually.

Get a loyalty card in a hypermarket

To do this, at the cash desk, when paying purchases will notify the cashier about the desire to purchase a bonus card. In this case, 9 rubles will be added to the sum of your check - this is the symbolic cost of the map.

You will be given a paper questionnaire that you need to fill and give the cashier so that your card is activated. You can take a questionnaire home and return it to the hypermarket next time.

Application form for receiving map Carousel

Fill out the profile on the Internet and get a map in the store

Unfortunately, this method is more irrelevant.

Use another option.

Get a carousel card for free through the app

This method of receiving a card is very convenient for owners of smartphones and tablets working on the basis of Android and iOS operating systems. You just need to download applications My carousel from the appropriate application store (it is free), install and run it.

When you first log, you will be prompted to enter the card number or get it. Choose the second point, fill out a small form and can use the application as a full-fledged card.

Read more about registration in the application and use it here.

Bonuses on the map are started to accrue immediately after it is received. But you can spend them only after the activation of the card. How to do it, look here.

In contact with



My world

To save money customers, the Carousel hypermarket launched a loyalty program that implies the use of a plastic card of the same name.

Modes of the Map "Carousel" and the design of the appearance

Club card - a tool for accumulating bonuses from settlements with a shop by goods sold in a hypermarket.

The main task of collecting such bonuses is the subsequent use of their use as a calculated currency in the store. In terms of its functionality, the card is not a credit or payment product.

In the design of the plastic card, the colors of the trading network: green, red and white. The map has a magnetic strip and the read bar code on the back side.

Bonus map of Carousel

The map operates in all hypermarkets of the "Carousel" network and "Crossroads of the hyper" located in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Advantages of loyalty card

The bonus card from the Carousel hypermarket provides a number of attractive opportunities for regular customers:

  • Accrual of bonus points (100 rubles = 10 points) for shopping in network stores.
  • The ability to write off the accumulated points when paying for food or non-food products in the "Carousel" network at the rate of 10 bonuses = 1 ruble.
  • Installing the Mobile Application "My Carousel" and registration through it The Club Card of the same name give advantage in enrollment points in the amount of 300 bonuses.
  • The acquisition of goods participating in the promotional events provides a chance to get additional bonus points. The list of such goods is posted weekly on the website of the organization ( and published in the catalogs of hypermarkets.
  • Obtaining personal suggestions with a limited action.

Place a club card when paying for each purchase over 100 rubles. So you are faster and more accumulate bonus points.

How to get a bonus carousel card

You can get a club card at the checkout when paying for any product from the store. To become a participant in the loyalty program, take a questionnaire from the cashier and fill it with its personal data.

Leave the mobile phone number and email address to receive discount notifications and company proposals.

Subscribe to the store administrator or specify the information from the cashier. The maximum time of processing the information specified in the questionnaire is 30 calendar days from the date of application.

The card is executed on a specific phone number only once. The validity period will be completed after 12 calendar months from the moment of the final operation (purchase of goods) in the stores of the network of the same name.

To get a map, you need to approach the age category:

  • Adult age (from 18 years and older).
  • If the buyer under 18 years old, then the card is issued to his legal adult representative.

For use in hypermarkets, the card is registered and activated on the organization's website:

At the request of the buyer, the card can be added to the virtual wallet (Wallet Pass application on your mobile device) and used when paying in this hypermarket. It is enough to show the phone screen to the cashier.

If you often use the services of the Carousel hypermarkets and the "intersection of a hyper", then the club card loyalty is your real way to save on products and household items.

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