Methods for making flowers from bottles with their own hands + simple master class

Flowers made of plastic bottles can be decorating any site. Modern material negatively affects the environment, as practically not processed.

You can implement your ideas and make a noble business using a selected master class on colors from plastic bottles with your own hands.

We make palm from bottles

Trees and flowers from this material are made according to a similar scheme, so I realized the principle of this master class, you can build any plant on your site. For implementation, you will need:

  1. Green bottles are usually beer plastic.
  2. Brown vessels.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Scotch or glue.
  5. Wire.

Collect the bottles, how many do it - do not. Over time, the paint under the sun will take crack.

The folia is made from the middle of the bottles, it is cut by conventional scissors. The trunk can be made of a throat part, planting bottles on each other. The amount of material used depends on the height of the finished product.

To keep the design, it is recommended to use a thick wire. Using this introductory lesson you can understand the main concept of how to make flowers from plastic bottles.

Durable flower beds in the garden

Finished flowerbed can become not only an decoration on the autumn and winter period, but also become an ideal refuge for young plants. It is very simple:

  1. Bottles are cut into two parts, only the one that has a bottom.
  2. Next, they are painted by ordinary paint.
  3. Cover sprouts of real colors.

If you explore the finished examples of flowers from plastic bottles for the garden, which have already played their role in landscape design, you can find your own option.

Color hedge

The flower beds have each dachank, even those who grow quite a bit "for the table." So that animals and children do not sweep the harvest, you can build a fence in the form of a vase for flowers from a plastic bottle. There are several arguments "for":

  1. Plastic is durable, unlike wooden stakes.
  2. You can paint into different colors and make the design of the area to your taste.

Dachini recommend filled with sand bottles or stones for stability. After that, shook the material with a neck down.

If the space is very limited, and the hostess wants to decorate all alive flowers. Bottles can be cut into several pieces, shook down and put a beautiful plant into each vessel. Pots for flowers from plastic bottles can make each.

Pots for street flowers

Bottles are well transformed at high temperatures. Therefore, you can make anything from a conventional bottle. Moreover, after carrying out repair work, there are often "backs" from under the primer or bobconact, you will not pass them into any reception item.

You can store in such pots as seedlings and ordinary longitudes. All that will need:

  1. Free time.
  2. Several empty bottles.
  3. Additional material for decor - it may even be simple covers that remained after the palm.
  4. Paint - To give the desired shade.

You can transform a bottle with a burner or lighter. For inspiration, it is recommended to explore the photo.

We make sunflowers from bottles

Sunflower from plastic bottles will delight the owner even in the most rainy day. For the implementation of the idea, you will need:

  1. 3 Empty bottles - it is desirable to choose transparent.
  2. 1 Dark.
  3. Yellow paint - enamel.
  4. Glue dragon.
  5. Scissors.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Before the creativity of the bottle you need to rinse and save them from too much.
  2. Next, each transparent is cut into three parts. Gorlashko and bottom neatly cuts off.
  3. The petals are cut further.

From the usual 2 liter bottle should turn out 7 pcs. The remaining 2 vessels cut through the same scheme. After that, brown is taken, from which the bottom should be cut. Next, all parts are neatly scratched and glued together between each other. You can see the ready version in the photo.

Roses from bottles

Who does not dream of roses that are happy with their beauty for several years. Make such a gift will be able to do with their own hands. The color will depend on the selected bottle. To make such a craft, usual reservoir things will be required:

  1. Scissors.
  2. Candle.
  3. Plastic bottles.

How to do:

  1. Templates are made on paper sheet. A marker or handle must draw a flower consisting of 4 petals. In total, these are 6 pieces, they must differ in size.
  2. Bottles are soaked in soap solution.
  3. Next, plastic bottles are cut through the selected pattern.
  4. Leaves and stem can be made of green plastic.

In the middle of the carved flowers pierced a small hole. Create can be secured using a wire or ordinary glue, and decorate the middle of the bead. To give the desired form - the candle is lit. The thermal processing is better to do in the outdoor room.

And to make a form use a shovel or flat wand. Such flowers from plastic bottles for beginners are suitable even for the school exhibition.

Chrysanthemums of plastic bottles

If the hostess did not have time to grow in his piece of chrysanthemum, then she can make them out of plastic. For implementation it is better to take colored bottles that do not need to be painted. Especially for this work are suitable vessels from the energy sector. How to do, master class for beginners:

  1. Each bottle is cut in the form of noodles. To reduce the work process, it is recommended to take 0.5 liters.
  2. Each flower is fastened with wire or dragon glue.
  3. Instead of a stem, you can also use plastic. A small strip is cut, which is neatly twisted and shed with a candle.

Such chrysanthemums will rejoicing the eyes for decades.

Clematis from plastic

Play the beauty of real colors is difficult. However, they are ready to delight the owners of only a temporary segment. To fill the emptiness in the cold period, you can make a blank Clematis from plastic in advance. How to make crafts from plastic bottles:

  1. As in sunflowers, the plastic bottle is cut into 3 parts. In this case, you can use transparent to 1.5 liters.
  2. In order for flowers to be the same - a blank of paper is made, on which parts are cut.

Clematis are characterized by plenty of shoots and mustaches. They can be made of green plastic, with a lighter. The middle is decorated usually by a bead, and fasten the design with hot glue.

Plastic Peacock Flowers

Such products are able to protect the crop from running animals and wild birds. Peacocks are very easy at home, you can use absolutely any bottles. In order for the caretaker to be bright, using enameled paint. How to do:

  1. From one plastic bottle, 1 flower is obtained.
  2. Cut off the throat part - "on the shoulders".
  3. Next, begin to cut the bottle on the strips barely reaching the bottom.
  4. Each feather is sharpened with cuts.
  5. In the center you can make a "fur middle" on the principle of chrysanthemums.

So that the peacock succeeds more and more dangerous, you can bore 2-3 parts of the finished products. You can use ready-made templates.

We make water lilies

The product is well suitable for an artificial reservoir. It is very simple:

  1. Big plastic bottles are taken. They will only need bottom.
  2. Each is cut into 4 equal parts.
  3. With the help of a lighter or candles straighten them according to the concept.

One Lily will leave 3-4 Punches. Next, the parts are fastened with the help of glue, the "fur" flower of green plastic is placed in the middle. Such a lily can also serve as a feeder for the inhabitants of the reservoir.

Asters for Garden

Usually such a craft is made of plastic forks. However, if it was not found, you can safely experiment with bottles. How to make asters:

  1. Be sure to look at the natural flower.
  2. Next takes - one thing at 0.5, 1, 2 liters.
  3. From each bottle neatly cuts off the neck "on the shoulder". It is this part that will be used.
  4. Each is cut into small strips, not reaching the edge.
  5. After that, all parts are neatly fasten between each other. In the middle, you can put a yellow cork.

You can additionally, each strip "delight". Then the motley flower will turn out to be curly and beautiful.

Recommendations for plastic coloring

Paint over the years has the property to crack, the products lose their appearance. To prolong the beauty of the compositions made of compositions, it is recommended to pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Bottles are washed from excess glue and paper.
  2. For degreasing, it is better to use the usual alcohol.
  3. So that the paint lay down without any problems, the bottles are processed in advance by simple sandpaper.

Working with plastic, although it is considered safe hobby, but stick to the segless rules still worth:

  1. Do not make melting while in the house. Couples of poisonous and dangerous for a person.
  2. Working with acute ends, it is desirable to use construction gloves.

Dedicated schemes will allow to equip even the selection of high-rise buildings. Photos of colors from plastic bottles will inspire owners.

Stock Foto Colors from plastic bottles

Plastic Bottles Flowers - This is not only a way to give the second life to unnecessary things, but also the opportunity to show your creative thinking, decorate your home or country site. And also - the idea for a gift, the way to relieve stress, because it is no secret that the passion for manual labor soothes the nerves. You can attract kids to the process, they will not only be happy to help you, but perhaps something new will come up with something. Summer crafts, besides, will be able to participate in competitions and exhibitions at school or kindergarten, and the head will not break the head in urgent. Therefore, do not throw out old bottles, give them another chance to benefit, and not to increase the mountains of hard decomposing garbage in landfills.

Flowers from plastic bottles: how to make? Step-by-step master classes with photos

Flower of plastic bottle with your own hands: step by step

We have already told how to make a chamomile with your own hands But this is not the only possible option. Here and bells, gerberas, and roses, and all sorts of fantasy flowers - there is no limit of creative fantasy. For example, start making Flowers from plastic bottles for beginners The easiest thing is probably with a pretty desktop decoration. We will need:

  • Plastic bottle 1.5l, better colorless;
  • Green bottle;
  • elastic wire near meter;
  • acrylic paints;
  • Iris Threads, a little;
  • several beads;
  • Flooring, pliers, sharp scissors.
Flowers from plastic bottles: how to make? Step-by-step master classes with photos

A semi-and-a-half plastic bottle is cutting off the neck, cut off the upper part of the bell. Very good, if the top is not smooth, but has the form of petals. The lower edge of the whisk is decorated with rounded cloves. Cover the flower acrylic paint. If there is a green bottle, cut out several leaves from it. If so no - it does not matter, leaves can be made of plastic left after our bell tape and paint green paint. We will cut the bottom, and the side part can be cut down on my side. We will have a more or less flat square. Here he is needed for leaves. Just after cutting out the color of their green paint. Will not forget to make cupboards in the form of a circle with a tooth, which will be slightly shine. The size is chosen so as to match the size of the bunny. From the same piece, you can cut and decorate a butterfly and also to paint it. For this, a multicolored nail polish is suitable.

Flowers from plastic bottles: how to make? Step-by-step master classes with photos

Now we will take the assembly. From colored threads and beads will make stamens of different lengths. . I will shine our wire so that a steady round base is that additionally can be decorated with curls. The ends of the wire can be submitted by sandpaper, so that there are no burrs. The upper end of the stand bend the hook. You can do this with the help of pliers, and even easier - the round-heads. We glue the cups to the wrencher and pull the stamens through the hole. We make a loop and hang flower on the stand. Using the thread, wrapped around the stalk, attach sheets and butterfly.

Flowers from plastic bottles: how to make? Step-by-step master classes with photos

Flowers from plastic bottles: photo

Similarly, you can do Flowers from plastic bottles for garden In the form of a bouquet of lilies or bells, just a slightly modified shape of the cloves in the bottom of the bunny, to decorate the garden, summer cottages or playgrounds in kindergarten. Probably easier to do it without cutting a neck, then the plug can be used for attaching to the wire. For each flower, its skeleton is made, and then they are twisted in the harness - a common stem. It is absolutely similar to lilies, only in this case the whine is not solid with the teeth, and almost to the base it is cut into six pointed petals that flex out the outside. In this case, the stamens are better made from a flexible wire and beads. Do not forget about the cups. For them, the tank of green is most suitable as a material, and the principle of manufacturing is the same as for a flower whisk, only the edges of the petals need to be made to the toothed. Chassels will give flowers greater believability and completeness.

Flowers from plastic bottles: how to make? Step-by-step master classes with photos

Plastic Bottles Flowers: Step by Beginners

The remaining donyshko bottle do not throw out. From it will also work excellent Flowers from plastic bottles, photos Which you see below .. You just need to form the edges of the petals with scissors and paint the craft of bright acrylic paint. If there are bottles of different volumes, the crown will turn out to be made double-row: just insert a smaller donyshko in more, and then even the old telegraph pole can bloom in a miraculous way. Flowers are attached to the surface with a drill and self-tapping screws. In the same way, you can decorate a wooden fence or a shed wall. How to make the storm: It is just a circle of the same plastic, but another color, and you can use a plug, also when necessary to paint it. By the way, if after the manufacture of your crafts, unused plugs remain, collect them, they will use you in the manufacture Crafts from covers . And also, taking advantage of a fishing line, kapron thread or a wire from flower-dyshk, you can collect a very romantic curtain.

Flowers from plastic bottles: how to make? Step-by-step master classes with photos

Above I told how to make the simplest Flowers from plastic bottles step by step for beginners . And now a little complicate the task. Let's learn how to make a beautiful whisk using a flame candle. Barbell bottles of different sizes, for example, one and a half-liter and half-liter. We will need snacks. But do not throw away the remaining parts, they will use you for other colors. In addition to plastic containers, we will use the contour, which can be chosen into the tone of color plastic or just silver or golden. In addition, we need scissors, a glue gun, a candle, beads or beads. Rounds cut through the edges of ready-made bulges to the center, a little no reaching it. We deploy the resulting petals more flat and scissors give them the desired form: round or pointed at your request. After that, he drove the edge of the petals over the candle, allowing him to be beautiful to begun. We process both the bottom, then we glue the smaller inside the larger, and the saint of the flower with the help of glue with decorate beads or beads. At will, the edge of the petals can also additionally process the contour. Such flowers may come in handy in the manufacture Crafts on the topic Ecology .

Flowers from plastic bottles: how to make? Step-by-step master classes with photos

Flowers from plastic bottles with their own hands

And now we will learn to produce terry Flowers from plastic bottles step by step . When you learn how to make a multi-row whine and understand the principle, many more complex varieties of floweries will be available to you. There is nothing complicated here. First we make a few gradually decreasing the stencils of petals. For example, for roses, let it be stencils with four petals. For their manufacture, it is convenient to take paper squares with gradually decreasing parties. So that the rose came out densely terry, you will have to take six or seven gradually decreasing squares. We fold each square in half, then once again in half, and then the resulting small square diagonally and cut out half the petal, a little at least reaching the center. When we deploy, we will have a symmetrical four-petal whine. The principle is the same as when cutting out snowflakes from paper. So do with all the squares.

Flowers from plastic bottles: how to make? Step-by-step master classes with photos

When stencils are ready, start doing Flowers from plastic bottles with their own hands . First cut the blanks from pre-prepared bottles. The number of required containers will depend on the size of the flower. Each bottle cut off the bottom and the neck, so that only an even cylinder remains. Now we will cut it along, and we will have a rectangular blank. We cut it into squares in size and quantity of stencils, and already from small squares on the stencils cut out the billets for the flower. In the center of each workpiece we will do the hole with a decisive selection. It should not be too large in diameter to riveted the workpiece on the wire, but the insulation in the diameter would be more. Now we need to form petals over the candle flame. It is necessary to do it quickly and gently, without touching the flame itself. Softened plastic forming hands, flexing and spinning. So do it with each layer of the bunny.

In addition to the petals, we need stem, leaves and cups for a flower. For them, we take the tank of green, and will still need a wire. A sufficiently thick copper or aluminum single-core wire in plastic isolation is suitable. For the sheet and the cups, we also cut out the flat part of the green bottle, immediately draw a sheet on the plastic or pre-stencil and supply it. Cut the leaf and form a candle flame. Couples cut out the stencil and, like a whisk, warm over the candle and give the right shape. For greater truthfulness, the leaflet of the cups can be done not with smooth edges, but with a toothed. For the design of the stem, the cylinder from the second green bottle is cut into a spiral, the width of which is about one centimeter. Hold the wire and spiral over the flame of the candle and wind our stalk strip of green plastic. It is necessary to do it pretty quickly, because the band, cooling, loses its flexibility.

Flowers from plastic bottles: how to make? Step-by-step master classes with photos

The stalk must end with a piece of bare metal wire. Alternately we ride the cups, and then one after another layers of the whisk, starting with more and ending with the smallest. When everyone was risen, with the help of round-rolls bend the metal with a small loop. If the tail is too long, you can bite the breaths. Now it remains to warm up the tip of the leaf and wind it around the stem. Our rose is ready. Well, if you have color plastic, but also from transparent, you can make very beautiful graceful flowers. To do this, use a preheated sewer, with which you can give the texture to smooth transparent plastic. Sequins and transparent lacquer will also come to the aid, as well as a silver contour.

Flowers from plastic bottles: how to make? Step-by-step master classes with photos

How to make flowers from plastic bottles

Taking advantage of this master class, try to make Flower of plastic bottle with their own hands step by step And make sure it is quite easy and simple. From such roses, you can make a unhealthy bouquet, and even for such a principle, flowers for necklace, hairpins, brooches and earrings make. Ideas for decorations We will use you when creating them. Roses, probably, the largest number of layers in a whisk. For tulip, only two is enough, and the same size. In general, two-layer whites are most frequent. A separate layer can go stamens for which numerous cuts from the edges to the center are made on a mug of plastic. The leaves are a separate topic, the methods of their manufacture are also very diverse.

Flowers from plastic bottles: how to make? Step-by-step master classes with photos

So far, we have considered small or medium-sized flowers. If we want to do Flowers of plastic bottles for garden , so that they were noticeable there, the size must be large enough. There may be two ways. The first: Increase the size of the spring itself as much as possible, that in general is easy, after you have previously pre-on small colors. The size will be limited only to the size of the containers that you have in stock. And the second way: from the flowers of the medium size to collect quite large branches. Instead of skes, it is quite possible to use rather thick wire or even plastic or metal-plastic pipes. For colors, not only water tanks can be used as a starting material, but also bottles of milk, shampoos, detergents. Consider only that the opaque utensils during heating can give a strong unpleasant odor, so it is better not to warm items from it. When staining on the street, you can use not only acrylic paints, but also the enamel of PF. They have the smell, but on the street it is not so scary.

Flowers from plastic bottles: how to make? Step-by-step master classes with photos

Now you know, how to make flowers from plastic bottles, But this is not the only way to dispose of them, there are many other excellent solutions, for example, butterflies, animals or Birds with their own hands or homemade furniture. From individual flowers using LED lamps, you can collect garlands to illuminate the platform for relaxation.

"Whole sea of ​​flowers"

We all feed weakness to flowers. Men give the "Million Scarlet Rose" of the beautiful half of humanity, confirming her feelings. Children make gifts to moms and grandmothers on the eighth of March. It is not enough for many women, and they are creating artificial crafts, armed with paints, scissors, glue.

Plastic flowers
All these examples are quite simple in performance.

Thus, a huge number of most amazing crafts from plastic bottles appeared. We want our flowers to delight surrounding constantly and regardless of the weather, soil, watering and illumination of the garden and the garden. This means that we will consider crafts that most comply with the following requirements:

  • easy to manufacture;
  • do not require painting, in any case, complex;
  • Harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape.
Flowers from bottles
Conventional bottles are easily turned into fabulous beauty

Throughout the article, describe the descriptions of the master classes of the most successful crafts for the garden. Having studied these examples, you can make any flowers for the garden with your own hands.

Simple and touching flowers from plastic bottles without coloring

Of course, first of all, I want to make daisies for flower beds. They can be made of pieces or whole bottles of white. As the core, the cover of yellow color or bottom of the brown container is suitable. Plant leaves can be made of green containers. Stems can be made of wire, pipes, fittings or wood. The latter should be painted with green paint.

Options for manufacturing RomaistaConsider the manufacture of chamomile from three white bottles step by step:

  1. First we make three blanks, as in the picture below. Each of them is higher than another 10mm. Two billets cut the neck so that they put on the first workpiece. Eight petals cut on the details, not reaching 15mm to the top edge.
  2. Two blanks were consistently on the part with a neck. Details of Romashek
  3. Now it is necessary to beat the petals of the crafts so that they are uniformly.
  4. The assembly was screwed up a yellow lid. See the bottom view in the picture.
  5. It turned out a snow-white bud. It can be fixed to the skeleton skeleton through a cover or wire. For wire in a traffic jam, you need to do two holes.

ChamomileLilies from white bottles for summer cottages are also wonderful. Depending on the availability of packaging, the upper or lower parts of the bottles are used. Petals Lily of the valley can be made round, sharp, and also bend. Depending on the material and diameter of the stalk, buds are fastened with self-draws or wire. The foliage of the valley is convenient to make from five-liter eggplant, lowered down the neck. The leaves will have to paint.

LrangessiDandelions do differently. White dandelions can be made of bottles of the same color. To do this, it is convenient to use the upper parts of the container, carved in the form of sharp petals. Each detail is attached to the wire of the same length to the general center. It turns out a light white ball.

A group of transparent bottles can be fixed to the general center. It turns out a big dandelion. If you create a spatial design with several centers, you can make a huge dandelion.

DandelionsColored dandelions, made from the container of the appropriate color look very interesting. Consider a step-by-step instruction of making brown handsome:

  1. First, cut the housing of one bud of the bud from the top of the container in accordance with the image. The height of the details along with the neck of 7-8cm.
  2. From the tank, cut the rectangular blanks with a height of 9-10 cm and 12-20 cm long. From the beer bottle, there are three details. Two tanks will be required per bouton fragment. The workpieces cut through 3mm increments to 5 cm. Each subsequent detail breaks more about 7mm. The latter cuts into 8cm. Dowel details
  3. The first part is folded in the form of a whisk so that the bending of the cutting spoke outward.
  4. We consistently collect all six blanks into one bundle.
  5. Insert the bundle into the buoy fragment case. On the neck we retard the lid. Assembling dandelion
  6. From the outdoor, we screw in the lid self-tapping screw, which prevents the bunny of the housing. Dandelion with Screwing
  7. One fragment of the dandelion is ready. In order to collect a bud, the core is required in the form of a bowl. It is convenient to make it made of wood. A ball may not have a completely perfect shape. When it is diameter, 6cm for the flower will require about 14 fragments.

DandelionMastery Charming Buds with a Magic Candle

The flame candle creates miracles with plastic bottles. Check out examples on the following photo. We will make a single flower together, and you can repeat with your own hands any other.

Flowers meltedMaster class of a flower manufacturer using a candle:

  1. From one container, we prepare seven fragments, as in the photo below. The largest dimensions of 8x8cm, the smallest - 3.5x3.5 cm. In the center of the details we do holes.
  2. We pay the edge of the details using the candle flame. Detail. Side from the flame. Smoked sections easily clean. Do not allow plastic ignition. Melting petals
  3. For the stem of the crafts prepare a copper wire in isolation. The end of the wire must be cleaned and bend by 5-10mm.
  4. To cover the stem, cut from the green tank with a 10-12mm wide width. Stem
  5. The end of the tape insert the wire into the bend. Ribbon turn around the stem and we melt candles on the flame.
  6. It turned out a green flower stem. The end of the wire is cleaned of isolation by 20mm.
  7. Cooking paper template for making foliage in accordance with the pattern.
  8. Another pattern will be required for the leaves next to the bud. Leaflets
  9. Cut on the texture pattern for a cutting.
  10. We make on a leaf pattern under bud.
  11. We melt the edge of the leaves under the bud. Look at the photo, as it happened.
  12. The leaves for the cutter we melt along the edges, and the plastic strips connecting them overlap over the flame. Playing sheets
  13. There should be a twig, as in the picture.
  14. With the help of a flame, turn the base of the branches around the stem. On the protruding part of the wire we put the leaves under the bud.
  15. First we put on the wire the largest fragment of buddes. Assembling roses
  16. We consistently put on the buton petals as they decrease their size. We try to deploy petals so that they overlap the gaps between them. The end of the wire is bending the passage so that the petals do not fall away. Flower ready!

Blue RoseWe make flowers for flower beds, pond and fence decorations; Use paints and large bottles

Flowers made of plastic bottles for the pond - very important. In the simplest case, you can make a jug of a white bottle in the bottom, as shown below. The core of the flower is easy to mimic yellow cork.

Water lilyWe will look at the master class of manufacturing a more complex flower for the pond:

  1. First, three details of lily petals from white container are shown below. Through the holes at the top should be the neck of the plastic bottle along with the belt below it. Another 25mm wide strip is still required, cutting 3mm with a depth of 15mm. From the top of the yellow bottle, we will make it detail for the core of the bud with eight petals. Details of Lilies
  2. Striped for core machines process on fire. Narrow fragments must be melted and get used inward. Melting lily
  3. Buton core holder petals also melt with a candle.
  4. The billet should be the same as we see below. Stages Lilia
  5. Stripes with bends wech up into a roll and insert the core of the core of the bud.
  6. To assemble the pitches, we need a lid from a container with a wide throat. I cut the hole in it through which the torn tank will be held.
  7. I turn over the yellow core and put on her lily petals. Turn them so that they do not coincide with each other. We wear a big lid on the neck. Fragment of the internal stuffing of the core of buds cling to the edge of the neck. Lily below
  8. Watch the lid. Lily Zada
  9. So it looks like a fully finished waterwear for the pond.

LilyBright sunflower will serve as a decent decoration and flowerbeds, and the garden. As you can see, it can be made in different ways. The petals of the sunflower, made of the container of brown look good. The core can serve a disposable plate.

SunflowersThe simplest is to use a plastic bottle of 5 liters. The billet is cut out of it, as shown below. Petals will have to paint yellow paint. Coloring technology is set forth in a separate article.

Sunflower rearAfter the color you need to wrap the lid on the neck. Sunflower core is convenient to make a brown bottle from the bottom of the brown bottle and fasten to the lid on the neck of the sunflower with a self-tapping screw.

Large flowers are quite appropriate on their own plot.

Giant plants make from large plastic eggplants. The red flowers depicted below are made in the same way as we did chamomile.

From eggplantFor each plant, three 5 liter containers are necessary. The core of the flower is the lower part of the usual plastic bottle. The design of the bees is obvious.

Flower out of 5lPetals of a huge yellow flower are made of everything from one large bottle. A common brown container is used as the core. Its bottom is cut with 1 cm wide strips, which are painted.

Flowers on the fencePlastic florals are easy to decorate the fence. We already know how to make all these flowers. As you can see, the use of paints complicates the work and expands the possibilities. Pay attention, even the old fence, decorated with bright colors, a little young.

VasesIt is convenient to make vases from plastic bottles: they do not rot and do not break! The above examples of vases are easy to perform and are suitable in various conditions. Plastic bottles can be placed on Earth, on the fence or wall of construction. About how to make a flowerbed from plastic bottles, we have a special article.

Thus, we looked at various step-by-step instructions for the manufacture of flowers for giving and gardening with their own hands. The most successful examples for beginners are given. Having such tools in the hands, you can make your yard in the most unusual and attractive.

Plastic bottle - a familiar thing with which the majority faces daily. Therefore, it does not come to mind that the plastic bottle can be used by an alternative way. For example, a plastic bottle is a non-standard material in order to make a flower. Such an unusual flower will decorate the garden or house.

Bottles flowers: Main advantages

There is a lawsager question: why do you need to make flowers from plastic bottles? Such a snap is resistant to negative external factors: high humidity, temperature drops, wind, sunlight. Therefore, flowers from plastic bottles will stay outdoors for several seasons in a row without changing the original appearance. Also, plastic bottle is almost free material. From the first time the flower did not work? Boldly experiment again. An attempt to make a new product will not cost anything, because the next plastic bottle will be easily found.

Plastic Bottles Flowers

Also, a plastic bottle is a flexible and plastic material, with which it is easy to work. Having studied a step-by-step master class, start making a flower. When the basic techniques are learned and becomes clear how the flowers are made of plastic bottles step by step, then try to start experiments.

Plastic bottle - product that is decomposed in vivo for 450-1000 years. But 90% of plastic bottles are not recycled. Therefore, make a plastic flower - it means to make a positive contribution to the environment.

Plastic Bottles Flowers

How to make flowers from bottles so that this creative work does not harm health? Almost any instruction includes a piece when a plastic bottle is melted over the open flame. It should be remembered that the plastic bottle in the heating process allocates toxic substances.

Therefore, the closed room is not the best place in order to make flowers from bottles. The optimal option is not to work indoors, but outdoors, for example, on the terrace or balcony.

Plastic Bottles Flowers

How to make flowers from plastic bottles: consumables

Before making a bottle of flower, you need to cook everything you need. We need:

  • plastic bottle;
  • Wire for the manufacture of a stem;
  • Alkid aerosol or acrylic paint, which will be needed if the plastic bottle is inappropriate color;
  • Lighter or candle over which plastic bottle melted;
  • Pattern in order to quickly draw one petal or leaf on plastic;
  • Buttons or beads that will decorate the middle of the flower;
  • marker to draw on a plastic bottle of petal of the desired shape;
  • The baking tray over which plastic bottle is heated: so molten plastic will drip on the baking sheet, and not on the table or on the floor;
  • Scissors for cutting blanks.

Plastic Bottles Flowers

Plastic Bottles Flowers

How to make bottles Flowers: The main stages of work

Make a flower for everyone, since the technology of work is simple. Start work stands with the definition of a plant that I would like to make with your own hands.

  1. You need to draw a template to the marker on cardboard. The shape of the template is determined by what form will be a leaf or petal. Sometimes the flower consists of one billet.
  2. Then you need to cut all petals, leaves or flowers.
  3. In the middle of the workpiece, the hole is skewed with a sewn or soldering iron. The hole is necessary in order to attach the stalks and a whisk.
  4. Holding the product over the flame, you need to give the workpiece the desired form. Initially, the ends of the workpiece fall over the flame, and then the petals from the bottom are kept. As a result, it must remind the petal. It is better to take the workpiece with the help of a tweezers and use it to give it the desired form.
  5. Another option is a flower, the basis for the manufacture of which is the upper part of the plastic bottle. In this case, it is not necessary to cut the workpiece over the template. The hole for the stalk and the bunny is cut into the lid.
  6. The stem is made from a segment of a metal wire, wrapped with green tape or green molten plastic. The leaves are attached to the wire in the same way.

Plastic Bottles Flowers Plastic Bottles Flowers

Rose from plastic bottle with their own hands

Rose consists of several blanks connected together. For rose petals and her whisk, a plastic bottle of red, blue or yellow is needed. For leaves you need to prepare green plastic.

The more roses have petals, the more realistic it will look like. Hold plastic blanks over the candle or lighter longer, if you want the rose to be the original form. To decorate the middle of roses use buttons or beads.

If necessary, the finished rose is covered with paint of any color. It is interesting to look a rose from a plastic bottle with two-color petals. For example, yellow - in the main part and pink - at the ends. Also, the lower part of the rose may differ from the rest.

Plastic Bottles Flowers

Clivia of plastic bottle

Another option is a clivia, a flower similar to orchid. The top of the plastic bottle is needed in order to cut the main billet to scissors. Do not forget to take a thin wire and beads to make a whisk. Before starting the ride, the wire must be bent so that the beads do not slip down. The free end of the wire is on the hole in the middle of the lid. Petals cover the paint of the desired color. If there is a plastic bottle of white, then only part of the flower can be painted.

Plastic Bottles Flowers


Plastic Bottles FlowersPlastic Bottles Flowers

Flowers from plastic bottles can become decoration for gifts, rooms or greeting card . Among other things, creating such beauty, we are a lot Helmet nature - Plastic products are decomposed for hundreds of years. In modern industry practically 90% of plastic bottles are not recyclable And we want to change it. It would seem to do from seemingly ordinary garbage beautiful flowers - at least noble in relation to the planet on which we live.

In this article we will tell and clearly show with the help of step-by-step photos, How to make flowers from plastic bottles with your own hands, provide master classes for beginners, as well as many interesting photos.

Decorative Flowers, Master Class

Decorative flowersTo add brightness in the garden, create decorative flowers from plastic bottles. For the manufacture requires materials that will be found in every home:

  • Multicolored plastic bottles,
  • Copper wire with brown or green insulation,
  • plastic melting
  • pliers,
  • scissors,
  • awl.

The whole process does not take much time , and The result will exceed all your expectations. ! Depending on your desires, we use red, yellow, blue, orange plastic bottles and placing on the site or with piles, separating some colors from others, or by a swamp, which will add the penosts. In this case, there is no limit fantasy!

Stick photo:

 Flowers from plastic bottles for flat surfaces

Plastic Bottles FlowersThese colors can be Decorate tables, couches, dressers . Beautiful flowers made of 5-liter bottles will be perfect. To start us, there will be presses of plastic bottles.

  • Cut the required number of bottoms.
  • Along the lines that are easily visible, we cut off - these are future flower petals.
  • From each petal on both sides, we cut off the thin strip and bend them into the opposite, giving the desired shape and length.
  • We give the petals shape with scissors and candles / lighters.
  • Paint the resulting flower with acrylic paints.

Photo source:

Elegant decoration - Flowers from plastic bottles

You have accumulated a lot of bottles and you do not know why they can come in handy? The solution is! To do this, you will need snacks from the bottles - noted that they look like a flower? In the middle of the dyshk, we make small holes with a hot needle. Next, using a fishing line, tooth thread or metal craft rings, we connect our flowers in any order. Ready!

You can use multi-colored bottoms, forming bands, patterns or bright mosaic from them. Very gently look at products from transparent plastic bottles. Imagine how the sun rays will play on them!

Plastic Bottle DecorationPlastic Bottle DecorationPlastic Bottle Decoration

Photo source:

Picture - Flowers, Master Class

Picture-Flowers of plastic bottlesCreate a unique room design? Then this simple master class is for you! Unusual picture-flowers from plastic bottles Decorate any interior . Sequencing:

  • Cut the neck from plastic bottles and cut to get the petals, flex them.
  • We turn on the fantasy and paint the resulting flowers (for the transition to the next step we give paint to completely dry, for the saturation of the color it is painted in several layers).
  • We glue the flowers on a pre-prepared cloth in any order. You can lay out any pattern, gluing flowers next to each other. You can also leave a place on the linen for inscriptions or photos.

Ready! The picture is ready for mounting on the wall.

Photo source:

Multilayer flowers from plastic bottles with their own hands

Multilayer plastic bottles flowersIn the process of creating multilayer colors from plastic bottles, you can turn on the whole family . Indeed, in this case, one flower consists of several. Each family member can create their own flower, paint it into a favorite color and give the desired shape. At the end of the work, each flower is connected to others. It turns out a great symbol of the family - a beautiful flower or a whole bouquet of colors, for which joint efforts have been attached. Especially because it A completely simple process that does not require much time. You just need:

  • Draw on a plastic bottle of flowers (or pre-on paper, and then circle by attaching to the bottle) and cut them.
  • Break the petals in one direction.
  • Using tweezers, carry out petals over the candle flame.
  • If you wish, you can paint colors.
  • Creares ready-made flowers among themselves with glue or thread (in the last case, a small hole must be made in the center of each flower).

Photo source:

Beautiful flower on the leg

Beautiful flower on the legFlower on a leg of plastic bottles - excellent handicraft. It can be put in a vase (both one and a whole bouquet), and to give someone, and just put on a prominent place - Everywhere will be appropriate to this kind of decoration.

How to make a flower on a leg of plastic bottles?

  • We prepare templates of petals, leaves, cups, and carry them on the bottle, cut out.
  • In the center of each flower we make a small hole.
  • With the help of a candle, give the form of petals. Hands up the petals so that they are directed up.
  • For the manufacture of stems, we take the wire and over the candles winding it with a plastic bottle strip.
  • To create leaves, their workpiece is also processed above the candle.
  • We put on the wire a cup and flowers from a large to the smaller, while heating the place of contact of the details.
  • Fix with wire loops.

Photo source:

 Basic rules in the manufacture of colors from plastic bottles

Creating crafts from plastic bottles, sharp and stitching items are used - sewn, knife, scissors, cutter, as well as fire, aerosol paints. Therefore, it is better to work with adults or children under adult supervision.

The manufacturing process is sufficiently easy :

Stage 1. It is necessary to draw leaf patterns, stalks, petals, translate them to a plastic bottle and cut.

Stage 2. Make a small hole in the center of blanks with a hot needle.

Stage 3. Petals and leaflets give shape with a candle / lighter flame.

Stage 4. First you need to fall out the edges, hereinafter - from the inside of the flower to create bend. In order not to burn your fingers using tweezers. Some colors are performed from the upper parts of plastic bottles. In this situation, the hole is made in the lid itself, passing through which the logging / filament / wire is recorded.

Stage 5. Leaves are mounted with a flame or green tape. The stem, too, can be arranged by wrapped with plastic mild from fire or tape.

Stage 6. So that the resulting flowers from plastic bottles looked like real, it is recommended to apply waterproof paints on them, for color saturation - several layers.

 Tender lotuses do it yourself

Plastic bottle lotsIn this case, creating a craft from a platpic bottle, you need to take care of a reliable fastening of petals so that they do not fly out. The best way - To make a small hole in each petal and make them up with the help of a wire. Since for the lotus we will make the core, then the wire will be invisible.

Ready lotuses are placed in small tanks with water and / or decorative pebbles.

Photo source:

Glowing flowers from plastic bottles

Glowing flowers from plastic bottlesSuch crafts from plastic bottles Will become an excellent decoration for both the garden and home. Securing the finished work on the tree, your garden will change marketer and will become a great place for romantic evenings, parties and a simple family dinner in the air. The most important thing - In the creation of luminous colors from plastic bottles there is nothing complicated for this, the following materials will be required:

  • plastic bottles,
  • scissors,
  • acrylic paint,
  • brush,
  • garland,
  • a pen.

How to make flowers from plastic bottles Showing on step-by-step photos.

Photo source:

Earrings from plastic bottles, step-by-step photo

Plastic Bottle EarringsUndoubtedly, every girl wants to be unique. Earrings - an integral part of the image . They are made of a wide variety of materials - metal, plastic, precious stones. What is the advantage of plastic earring? They are lungs, bright, their forms are diverse, have a small cost, and most importantly - quickly and simply can make earrings from plastic bottles with their own hands.

Below in photo is clearly shown how to make earrings from plastic bottles in the form of a flower . For this we will need:

  • plastic bottle,
  • acrylic paints,
  • Wire (either the holder from old earrings),
  • scissors,
  • candle,
  • Diamond stickers,
  • marker.

Photo source:

 Wall decoration with flowers

Flowers on the wall of plastic bottlesTo decorate the walls in the apartment, Do not necessarily add pictures or flowers in pots . Simple and original A variant of the decor of the walls will be flowers from plastic bottles. To do this, you will not need to run shopping and buy materials - everything you need in every home! So, proceed to work:

  • I cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle (I do not throw up the top, it is still useful).
  • Cut from the bottom of the bottle of flower and bending, as shown in the photo. We make as many flowers as we consider it necessary.
  • The top of the bottle is used to cut the stems and leaves.
  • We glue the obtained details in the desired order.

Ready! The obtained element of the decor can be attached both on the wall and on the other surfaces: the cabinet, refrigerator and others.

Photo source:

Bright plastic bottle flower

Bright plastic bottle flowerGetting Started to create a flower from a plastic bottle, you need to take a washed and well-dried bottle. The whole sequence of actions is well shown on step-by-step photos . It should be added that in the process of painting the flower for greater brightness and originality, you can add glitters to the paint (special sequins).

You can create Whole bouquet of bright colors And put in a vase that will delight the eyes and the whole family, and guests.

Photo source:

 Flowers from dyshk plastic bottles, detailed instructions

Flowers from dyshk plastic bottlesFor the manufacture we will need many plastic bottles of different colors (or transparent - they can be painted with bright acrylic paints).

We will not tell about the progress of our actions, as attached Detailed photos that will help you for creativity.

Making buds:

Mastery of petals and stems:

We proceed to the heartings:

Ready! We have turned out such a chic bouquet of flowers made of plastic bottles:

Photo source:

 Vasilka do it yourself from plastic bottles

Plastic Bottle VasilAre your favorite flowers - cornflowers? Do you want these wonderful flowers to please every day? Then this master class is for you!  For the manufacture, we will need: plastic bottle, acrylic paints, hard wire in a plastic shell, beads, candle, scissors, sewer.

So, proceed to work:

  • We make blanks, as shown in the photo.
  • Over the flame of the candle, give it details the form of petals.
  • Make small holes in the centers of flowers.
  • Color the billets with acrylic paints.
  • We make stem: we wake on a wire over a flame of a candle with a strip from a plastic bottle.
  • Attach the flower to the stalk.

Ready! To get a bouquet, you can take the wire and branch into several, each of which will be fastened to the flower.

Source photo:

Curly plastic bottles flowers, step-by-step photo

Curly plastic bottles flowersCurly colors are decorated with walls in the apartment, and walls of houses. Anyway This decoration will attract attention All who will come to visit or pass by at home.

Huge plus colors from plastic bottles is durability . They are not afraid of various weather conditions. Even if the flowers can cut a strong wind or damage hail, it is easy to fix it!

Photo source:

Flower "Clivia" for home and garden

Clivia of plastic bottlesThis flower Will look great both at home and in the garden.

To make flowers from plastic bottles, We need : Large beads, green tape and acrylic paints.

The photo below is good Showing every step Thanks to which you will easily create clivia from plastic bottles with your own hands.

Source photo:

 Waterwear do it yourself, master class

Plastic Bottle WatercutTo work, we will need plastic bottles. You can take color (yellow and white and green), and it is possible and transparent, but in this case it will need to paint acrylic paints. Subsequent actions clearly seen in the photo

A ready-made pitcher from a plastic bottle, for example, placing in decorative pots with water, one by one large or 2-3 small, it can be greater - as far as the container with water allows. It turns out very beautiful and unusual!

Source photo:

Plastic Bottles Peonies

Plastic Bottles PeoniesBefore you start work, you need to draw templates. Next, we translate the carved patterns on the plastic bottle and cut out. Give the right shape to our peony with a candle. Paint the prepared billets with acrylic paints. We connect the parts with each other with the help of glue or wire (in the latter case, it is done in the center of each workpiece a small hole with a hot needle or seer).

Ready! Peony from a plastic bottle can be decorated with a house or garden, you can give to relatives and attributed to kindergarten. At will, for a flower, you can make a stem or leave as it is, at your discretion.

Photo source:

Chamomile from platform bottles, step-by-step instruction

Chamomile from plastic bottlesChamomile - Simple and at the same time very beautiful flower . Thanks to white color, they are easy to wet with a lot of other colors - and Any bouquet will look great . Since no flower is durable, and many want to decorate their house with flowers, then Better decision There will be flowers from plastic bottles. There are many advantages in such colors: they are always bright, do not require care, they will serve you for many years, and they can be made with their own hands! How exactly, clearly shown on step-by-step photos.

Photo source:

Precautions during work

To give the details of the flower shape, you need heat their. This will require an ordinary candle. It is not recommended to use a lighter Since the long delay in its burning condition leads to overheating and explosion.

Place where you are going to create, you need Shut down tight paper . Heating, plastic melts. If his drops fall on the table, then they cannot be cleaned, not the harmful surface of the table.

Among other things, hot drops from melting plastic can be hit not only on the working surface, but also on the skin of the hands. In no case do not wear rubber gloves So you get a double burn. The best option is monitor the progress of work and dropped drops

In addition, we should not forget about the use Respirator Working with spraying paints.

Room where you will make flowers from plastic bottles, must be good ventilate Throughout the process.

 Spring bouquet do it yourself

Spring bouquet of plastic bottlesThis is enough Simple and at the same time delightful Cleather from plastic bottles.

For work, we will need the lower part of the bottle, which we can be cut vertically on a plurality of strips (not at the bottom of approximately 3-5 centimeters). Leaves In our case, made of colored paper. To create small Budov Thin strips are needed from multi-colored plastic bottles. How exactly to collect bud, shown on step-by-step photos. And the last stage is Formation of a bouquet . We stripped leaves and buds on each outdoor part of the bottle. If desired, they can be consolidated with a small amount of glue, but they will be kept without it.

Source photo:

Home decoration - Lily of plastic bottles

Lilies from plastic bottlesAnother flower that can be made with your own hands from plastic bottles is lily . To work will be required:

  • Multicolored plastic bottles,
  • paper,
  • scissors,
  • line
  • wire,
  • beads
  • candle.

Check out the step-by-step instruction and proceed to creation!

Photo source:

Large dandelion of plastic bottles

Plastic Bottle DandelionHow to make a dandelion from plastic bottles?

To do this, you will need: Plastic bottles, scissors, wire, screws, seed, saw, knife, screwdriver, wooden plug, pliers, metalplastic tube, aerosol paints.

Prepare everything you need We proceed to the creation of a dandelion:

  • For the middle: Cut the bottle, make small holes at the base of each part, we have done a clip.
  • We prepare the petals: for 1 dandelion you need about 8 parts of different sizes.
  • Insert the middle into the smallest workpiece, fasten.
  • We prepare the cups.
  • We collect all the blanks.
  • We do and attach the stem.

Ready! Such dandelion. Will look great On your summer cottage, in the courtyard of the house or kindergarten.

Photo source:

Solar sunflowers do it yourself

Sunflowers from plastic bottlesIn order to make Bright, solar sunflowers from plastic bottles with their own hands , US Let us need : 3 bottles in the bag of barrel, surround bottom from a brown plastic bottle, enamel yellow paint, polymer glue and scissors.

Each step is clearly depicted in the photos:

Photo source:

Plastic bottles roses

Plastic bottles rosesAny roses - red, white, pink - Always beautiful and elegant.

Of course, lover of wonderful will not refuse to have at home bouquet Of these gorgeous colors.

Moreover, roses from plastic bottles can be do it yourself And assemble a bouquet in some one color or in different.

Instructions in the form of step-by-step photos will help you In the implementation of the idea.

Photo source:

Simple Fuchsia for Garden

Fuchsia from plastic bottlesMake fuchsia from plastic bottles This way is as follows:

  1. We take 2 liter bottles and cut the first one - on one line (shown in the photo), the second - on the other.
  2. A longer part is cut on 6 parts and bend.
  3. The short part is cut on 12 parts.
  4. Similarly, cut out the core of the flower.
  5. We combine the resulting blanks.
  6. We prepare stalks and stamens.


From unused dyshek Separate some chamomile:

111 thumb112 Thumb113 Thumb

Photo source:

 Fluffy dandelions, step-by-step master class

Plastic Bottles DandelionsWhich of us did not dream of eternal summer? Almost everyone loves warm sun rays and first flowers who are harbing summer. So let's make it so that In your garden there was always a piece of summer! Bright, fluffy dandelions of plastic bottles They will create a warm atmosphere in your kindergarten and will delight the eyes of both in summer and in winter.

Step-by-step photos with descriptions will answer your question about how to make flowers from plastic bottles with your own hands.

Photo source:

Large Flowers - Easy Option

Large flowers from plastic bottlesMaybe, simplest Step-by-step master class for the manufacture of colors from plastic bottles. All that is required from you is to cut a bottle and paint the way as prompting the imagination.

The process of painting can be involved both the elder and younger family members. The pleasure will get absolutely everything!

Photo source:

Decorate with plastic flowers hanger

Decoration of plastic bottle hangersIt would seem that hanger for clothes in the hallway is not such an important detail of the interior. However transformed room where hangs decorated with plastic bottles hanger ! Undoubtedly, it will be appreciated both family members and guests.

Photo source:

Plastic Bottles Necklace

Plastic Bottles NecklaceIs it possible to look like a new one every day? Of course! Novelty to your appearance will add bright necklaces from plastic bottles. After all, they can be done by themselves, with more in a wide variety of colors!

Photo source:

Crafts from plastic bottles

Crafts from plastic bottlesMake your own hands the flower of plastic bottle is easy enough. You only need a small amount of materials and the desire to create!

Photo source:

Lush bouquet of flowers with their own hands

Bouquet of plastic bottlesSuch a bouquet of colors from plastic bottles cannot be distinguished from the present. For many years will please the eye in the hallway or kitchen, in the living room or bedroom . The most pleasant thing is plastic bottles flowers do not require special care , In addition to cleaning dust. The photo below shows how to make flowers do it yourself .

Photo source:

Garden decoration flowers

Flowers from plastic bottles for garden decorationEven in winter I want to admire the beautiful blooming nature. Long winter evenings can be brightened by creating Beautiful flowers from plastic bottles. And will help you Master Class represented in the photo below.

Photo source:

Plastic Bottle Flowers for Garden

Plastic Bottle Flowers for GardenHow to make a cute ornament for the garden with your own hands? Easy peasy! The simplest materials, several stages - and ready ! Original, beautiful, made with your own hands. Decoration can be placed in my garden.

Photo source:

Flowers from plastic bottle and CDs

Suspended flowers from plastic bottlesThe advantage of such a craft is that it can be suspended. Attaching the ceiling, the colors will be beautiful Play sun rays . You can use bottles of different colors, so that your The interior will noticeably transformed .

Photo source:

 Picture of plastic flowers

Plastic Bottle Flowers PicturePreparing the frame for the painting, we remove the glass from it. We take a dense cardboard and tighten with a cloth by fixing it with a glue gun. Fabric can be replaced by velvet paper - at your discretion. Next, proceed to the creation of the picture itself from plastic flowers. Below you can get acquainted with step-by-step instructions.

Photo source:

Perennial Flowers for Garden

Perennial Flowers of Plastic BottlesIs it possible that the flowers are simultaneously and bright and beautiful , I. pleased with the eyes in summer and winter , I. did not require care ? Of course available! And besides, they can be made with their own hands - from plastic bottles. How exactly, shown in the master class in the photo.

Photo source:

Small flowers for garden decoration

Small colors of plastic bottlesSince the flowers made from plastic bottles, moisture resistant and do not burn out in the sun, they are good gardens .

Having gained experience in the manufacture of such colors, you can fantasize and Make an eternal flower bed on your site . And we will help you in this!

Photo source:

Crafts - Plastic Bottle Flower

Small plastic bottles flowersHere's another pretty simple master class to create colors from platform bottles.

Optionally, you can additionally make stem (as it is - shown on many step-by-step photos in this article) or leave the decoration in the form of a bud.

In both cases, the flowers are amazing.  

Photo source:

Polyana with chamomiles

Chamomile from plastic bottlesIn the summer, flowerbeds in summer cottages, in the courtyards are covered with a variety of colors. But what to do, if your home has a big glade, on which nothing grows, and would you like to somehow transform her? An excellent solution if there is no desire to mess with landing and leaving for alive plants - this Production of colors from plastic bottles. With their help, you can perfectly decorate the courtyard without spending a lot of time. Showing below How to make chamomile from plastic bottles with your own hands. If you wish, change the shape of the petals, paint the flowers with a variety of shades - and let your yard become the brightest!

Photo source:

Luxury plastic bottles flowers

Plastic Bottles FlowersBelow in the photo is presented Master class on the manufacture of colors of plastic bottles .

Finished products can be put in glasses as we did. You can use small vases, and simple, homemade vases; Alone or a whole bouquet - In any case, the flowers made with their hands from platform bottles will look luxurious.

Photo source:

Flowers from rings of plastic bottles

Flowers from rings of plastic bottlesTo make flowers from plastic bottles, it is not necessary to cut out of bottles of blanks in the form of flowers. Another way to create jewelry - It is cutting bottles on thin mugs.

In addition to the plastic bottle Read: Felt (for 1 ring about 10kv.Sm.), beads, ribbons, thread and needle. What to do next with the specified materials is shown in the photo below.

Photo source:

Plastic Bottle Flowers for Garden

Plastic Bottle Flowers for GardenIn this case, for the manufacture of colors, we We use white plastic bottles (from under milk, kefir, yogurt). The paint lighters easier for such bottles and the color is obtained more saturated than on colors made of transparent plastic bottles.

Flowers are obtained quite large and will be well visible on your site.

Photo source:

Master class to create colors from plastic bottles

Flowers from plastic bottles master classIn this case, to melt plastic and give color shape, used Construction Fen Instead of the usual candle.

Be careful when using! Billets when heated should be kept using devices with long handles - tweezers or pliers.

Photo source:

Flowers do it yourself, step by step photo

Flowers from plastic bottles Step by step photoAmazing How easy you can create a beauty of plastic bottles with your own hands!

Original, such flowers look elected.

They are fragile in appearance, but in fact, for many years they will survive any live flowers!

Photo source:

 Flowers - Crafts from plastic bottles, 250+ photos

Absolutely all residents in our time accumulates after use a large number of plastic bottles. 90% of this garbage is not processed, but decomposes hundreds of years. You can help nature and find useful use by plastic bottles, and at the same time decorate your garden or house with a huge number of different colors, garlands or paintings. It is quite simple to make it, and there are almost no additional materials. The article attaches detailed instructions, how to make flowers and floral figures with their own hands from ordinary plastic, and simply speaking - to give him a second life.

How to make flowers from plastic bottles for the garden: master class for beginners

Many women are so loved by the world of colors that they are ready to make a real work of art from the most ordinary plastic bottle. Using the flame of the candle, scissors, wire and glue can be created by a masterpiece not inferior to real colors of liatris, Clarki or even Aquillegia. Let's see how easy-to-wear home decorations.

Such bright buds and greens will especially use the spring in the garden, when nothing else was blocked, and the apartment will decorate in the form of a picture or bouquet in a vase, panel.

Bud, stamens, pestles

Let's start with the options with which all the fair sex will be cope. Or rather, learn how to make parts of the flower itself: petals, pestles and stamens on the example of simple and understandable plants. How to make a cellar in a private house read here.

For details, any part of the plastic bottle is suitable. The core (base) is convenient to make the bottom of the bottle, and from the sidewall gently cut petals of different lengths.

The underlying upper part of the bottle is the finished bell, only the edges need to be processed, but to wear a lid on the neck and attach to the stalk.

For pestles and stamens, such materials can be applied.

  • Conventional cotton wands (cotton tip can be painted in the desired shade).
  • Special blanks that can be purchased in a needlework store.
  • You can cut the strip from the plastic, cut it as a fringe and then twisted into the tube. Speed ​​frozen deployed with a hot nail.
  • If you want to make a lush flower, you will have to prepare several layers. First, draw and cut the templates, each is slightly smaller than the previous one. Templates of petals and chashelistic need to be transferred to plastic, cut.
  • Sharp edges of the blanks then melted over the candle very carefully. As a result, the similarity of real petals with uneven edges will be obtained. It is better to make a lot of blanks, then the flower will turn out to be magnificent.

In the center of each flower, make a hole in the middle with a selection.

A cup of edges must be sharp, you do not need to melting them before the rounded state.

Floral Stem and Petals

It is necessary to cut a bottle of thin stripes and wrap the wire.

It is important to make a stalk correctly. To do this, pre-prepare blanks from a green bottle. Cut it on a spiral, no more centimeter width, then warm over the candle area, quickly wrap the wire along the entire length.

Hold the wire over fire so that the tape from the bottle is glued.

Finish assembly of a garden figure

In some places, at your discretion, you can insert green leaves.

And all parts of the flower are made. Next, you can start collecting a plant. Initially, drive a cup of campaign on the wire, and then take turns to attach petals: start with large and wide, and finish a very small core.

Buds are cut by a cross and hold over fire, then wear in turn from more to small.

The smallest storm is glued with a gun. You can also additionally decorate beads.

Nuances of making crafts with their own hands: Step by step instructions

Depending on the initial idea and fantasy of the author, plastic can be left in its original form or then paint into any hue. Below, consider a couple of original options for the manufacture of colors from plastic bottles and covers. How to make beautiful wooden plates for home Find out here.

Thus, it is very realistic to achieve a wide variety of shades and come up with a whole bouquet in the necessary color scheme suitable for any interior.

From Rodyshek

Pre-prepare such components.

  • Adhesive Pistol
  • Some neatly cut off the bottom.
  • Candle (preferably wide)
  • Pebbles or beads for small petals
  • Scissors
  • Glue having a sparkle


  1. Round bottoms for convex parts.
  2. Round them over the candle, so that the edges resemble the shape of the petals.
  3. A little bit from the petals and additionally the diaca itself.
  4. To the big blank, apply some glue and insert smaller.
  5. In the middle, insert a bead or pebbles interesting or just rounded shape.
  6. Then, squeeze glue with sparkles of the desired shade. Write.

Such blanks can be made very much, and then make a beautiful and stylish panel on the wall. Stylistics can be folk (that is, natural colors), and you can do in one tone or combine only a few colors.

Another option is: everything is done in the same way, but from the edge of the petals on both sides, cut off another thin strip. Then with the help of a lighter or freshend the thin parts in the middle (pestles and stamens). Then we score parts by acrylic paints. For this option, it is recommended to take a bottle with a capacity of 5 liters, and the flower can then be placed as a decoration on the coffee table, dresser or on the shelf.

The photo presents several options. It is absolutely impossible to guess that work from simple plastic, which is found at each mistress in excess.

In if you have accumulated a lot of transparent plastic bottles, you can make a very attractive decoration, peacock or even a stork with your own hands. It is necessary to cut the snakes of the same size, and then braid with a fishing line, dental thread, craft rings or wire in any order. In the sun, such interesting designs look very beautiful. How to make a barn for 10 goals for giving find out this material.

It is important to learn to beautifully melting plastic candle so that the petals get a smooth and beautiful form. First you can simply work out, and then already begin to perform a planned bouquet or wall panel.


Talented and neatly performed work will decorate any dwelling, and the advantage is that you can create a truly unique thing in those tones that are suitable for a specific room.

It is necessary to cut the necks at bottles, make petals in a known way (cut), to then bend with the help of a candle. Then paint into one layer and give dry.

For brightness and saturation of the color, it is advisable to apply the paint even once.

Further, on the pre-harvested cloth we glue the flowers in an arbitrary order. Some thus make a framework for family photos or congratulatory festive greeting cards that can be placed on the shelf as a souvenir. The end result depends on the imagination of the author. How to make a hive with your own hands in the country will tell this article.

Glowing flowers and garland

This option is a wonderful decoration for the garden, gazebo or even loggia. Making the decoration will not be a lot of work.

Prepare the necessary components.

  • Plastic bottles.
  • Scissors.
  • Acrylic paint.
  • Garland.
  • Brush.

Flowers are made on the above described scheme from the bottom. The cover is twisted on the neck and the hole is made in it, suitable for the lamp diameter. Then the flower needs to be processed, and after drying, put on the light bulb, fix with a twisting cover. And Gyrlynd is ready. Next, it can be twisted where it will look organically.

The luminous garland of colors configures on a romantic way and will create a cozy atmosphere for a family dinner.

The garland, which goes, is not difficult to make it yourself from multicolored bottles. Cut the bottom. Next, cut the plastic on the strip of 5 cm wide. Then make the leafs of the leaves, transfer to green plastic and cut out, place and attach a thermopystole to the twig. Green Lian decorate with flowers: in the core of everyone, do 2 holes and insert the wire, attach to the twigs. Then build a fastening in the form of loops from a wire.

It is important to choose this garland not only your color bottle but also the garland itself.


For the original craft, the bottom of the bottle is suitable. It will be necessary to make a lot of vertically arranged cuts throughout the diameter. They will hang around in different directions and play the role of stalks. Do not dough strips about 5 cm before the day of the bottle. At the stalks, we attach with glue of petals and buds from multicolored plastic bottles (you can paint in the desired shades).

No less effectively look at red poppies made of plastic orange shade (although now you can buy drinks and in red plastic bottles). Multilayer lush flowers with green cupcakers on the stems make up a charming and elegant bouquet.

To decorate the fence, flower beds and pond

Such copies will decorate at any time of the year a country area, and manufacturing costs will be minimal. But bright colors will delight not only the author, but also relatives with guests.

  1. Chamomile. Whole bottles of white color from plastic can perform as petals (then the inflorescence will be large). The role of the chamomile core is performed by a lid or a yellow shade donyshko. You can cut out shapes from the bottle with petals: make 3 blanks, each subsequent larger than 10 mm. Then cut them on 8 parts. Two cut the neck and put them on the third workpiece. On the last neck to leave. In three hands on each other, workpieces to straighten up the petals, and to tighten the yellow cover on the neck. The stalk is screwed with self-drawing or wire. Such flowers can be even put in street vases.
  2. Lily of the valley. For them, the upper parts of the bottles or the bottom are suitable. The edges are also twisted, and as a leaf we take a bottle of 5 liters with a capacity and make wide sheet plates from it, they can paint them into green.
  3. Dandelions. It is also simple to make them: each fragment is made of a part of the bottle, the edges of which are cut into small strips and then fastened to the center. Next, fragments are collected in a common ball.

You can make dandelions from whole bottles and create a large composition in a modern style.

Flowers in different design and combination perfectly look at any corner of the garden, near the decorative pond made with their own hands and in the recreation area at the cottage, the garden plot. How to make vertical beds for vegetables Find out this link.


How to make a chamomile from a plastic bottle Look in this video:

With the help of candles and oven

The candle is necessarily useful for melting edges and giving the shape of petals. But you can heat up on the petals to heat up for 10 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees. Then give cool and decorate to your taste: with the help of markers, beads, beads that put on glue into the core.

  • A simple and familiar plastic can still serve a good service, it is only necessary to want to competently use it, you can make a greenhouse from plastic bottles, beautiful stork or peacock.
  • You can make flowers, panels, paintings and bouquets, garlands and ornaments for the garden. The main thing is to learn how to manage with fire and put on the item correctly.
  • It is also necessary to purchase a thermal and glue, which will come in handy for fastening parts and decorations.
  • Sometimes the products from plastic bottles cannot be distinguished from real artistic work.

If there are plastic bottles in your house, do not hurry to throw them out. From bottles you can make beautiful flowers that will become an excellent addition to your garden or in the country.

6 methods of manufacturing plastic flowers with their own hands

So that your garden has acquired a beautiful view and has become more alive, you can use various ways. For example, the decoration of the garden is beautiful flowers made of plastic bottles. The method is good because it does not require additional investments from the garden owner, as well as great work. We offer to your attention 6 options for making colors.

1. Decorative flowers.

For their manufacture, they will need plastic bottles (better if they are different colors), a copper wire or one that has green or brown insulation, a special composition, with which you can melted plastic. In addition, you will need additionally and the tool: pliers, scissors and a device that can do holes, better if it is awl.

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In the manufacture, you need to follow the instructions:

  • Cut the bottle to the height. Cut in such a way that the petals are obtained.
  • Press the middle and insert the wire selected wire into it. On the inside, fasten it.

  • From the residues you can cut the core and fasten inside the flower.

  • The finished product is as follows.

2. Flowers for flat surfaces.

Most often they are laid out as a decoration on a pre-created flower bed.

  • Sut off the dyshko plastic bottle.

  • Cut it in such a way that wept petals.

cut on petals

  • In the middle of the flower insert pre-prepared petals. Better if they are contrasting.

The flower is ready, you can "disembark" on the flower.

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3. Elegant decoration

Besides the fact that plastic flowers look beautiful in the country, you can make them for home. It turns out an elegant ornament that no one has. For the manufacture of decorations, we follow the algorithm:

  • Cut the plastic bottle on such a distance that is required in the size of the flower. It all depends on how big the flower you want to get.

  • In the center we make a hole and do a pre-prepared mount. It looks beautiful, which will be approached.

  • You can even collect a whole curtain, which will be used in the window or doors.

It turns out a wonderful decoration for your home.

4. Multilayer flowers

Beautiful flowers are obtained, which are made of bottles of several colors.

  • At the beginning of work on a plastic bottle draw flowers. It is better that they differ slightly in size.

  • Cut the flowers from the bottle, we put on the table so that they straightened a little.

  • Each flower, petal is processed using a heated object. You can use a lighter, most importantly, do not rearrange.

  • Petals are collected in a flower with a special wire that is decorated in advance by beads.

Such a flower will become an excellent addition to any garden plot.

5. Lottos.

When creating these colors should take care of the reliability of attaching them to each other. Lotus is done as follows:

  • Cut from the bottle on the pattern of the workpiece. They will need a lot.

  • For the core, you can use a special material that is caught on one side.

  • Next flower is going and fastened with wire, so as not to crumble. The middle is installed in such a way as to hide fastening the wire.

Even such lotuses will look at the garden girly.

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6. Glowing flowers in your garden

In addition to the fact that the flowers will become an excellent addition to the interior of your garden, you can also use them as a backlight for night time. Before proceeding to the manufacture of such colors, you will need to prepare in advance plastic bottles, garlands, scissors, handle and paint of different colors.

  • Cut the plastic bottle.

  • The upper part is cut.

  • The results of the work turns out a small flower, which will continue to be used.


When working should not be unscrewed the plug, as it will be uncomfortable to keep the product.

  • After everything is ready, you need to unscrew the plug and turn the flower.

  • Next, proceed to coloring colors. You can choose those paints that most like you. Better if all the colors are multi-colored.

  • In traffic jam, first sewed, and then the knobs do the holes.

  • In each lid inserts a light bulb from the garland.

  • So you need to do with all the colors that were prepared in advance.

  • After the product is ready, hang it on a comfortable surface. In our case, this tree.

  • At night, we turn on the garland into the outlet. It turned out a wonderful decoration that will also cover the path.

From plastic bottles it turns out a magnificent decoration in the form of flowers. They can be installed on the territory of the country area or use in the apartment. Moreover, such flowers do not require attachments from the owner of the house.

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