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All holidays that celebrate January 22, 2021 in Russia and in the world:

  • Air Corn Birthday (Popcorn Day)
  • Temperature holiday
  • Day of the Aviation Aviation Air Defense of the Russian Federation
  • Introduction day notepading records
  • Dance Day Seven Veils Day)
  • Left Day in the Library (Library Shelfie Day)
  • Memorial Day of the Holy Prophet Sameya
  • Day of Replies to Your Cat Questions (Answer Your Cat`s Questions Day) - USA 🇺🇸
  • Grandpa's Day - Poland 🇵🇱
  • Celebration of Life Day - USA 🇺🇸
  • Light Cupcake Day (National Blonde Brownie Day) - USA 🇺🇸
  • Cattle Day - Ukraine 🇺🇦
  • Polka Dot Day Day (National Polka Dot Day) - USA 🇺🇸
  • Bird Day - United Kingdom 🇬🇧
  • Acute Sauce Day (National Hot Sauce Day) - USA 🇺🇸
  • The founding day of a multinational state - Bolivia 🇧🇴
  • Customs Workers Day - Tajikistan 🇹🇯
  • Franco-German Day (Franco-German Day) - Germany 🇩🇪
  • Name Day of Peter, Philip, Antonina, Paul
  • Philipp day (twist)


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Moscow, 03/04/2021, 13:48:20, editors of, author Inna Mordasova.

Russians continue to celebrate the January holidays. This month, they are indecent much that only in hand many workers who really wanted to relax from the routine. We should not relax, in this material we will acquaint you with the most significant state, church, folk and professional holidays, which are celebrated in Russia on January 22, 2020. Thanks to this material you can learn the story, traditions and rites of the most important festive events of this day.

Holidays January 22.

On January 22, three festive events are celebrated on January 22. One holidays refers to the category of professional.

Day of the Aviation Aviation Air Defense of the Russian Federation

People and do not think about the fact that there are aircraft somewhere in the sky over ordinary citizens, many of which are performed by special tasks. Falling devices must respond quickly on the illegal crossing of the boundary or the area of ​​responsibility. Special aircraft raise into air to intercept, maintain and eliminate goals. The formation play a key role in ensuring security in a peaceful and wartime, respectively. In order to thank employees in aviation, and this holiday was created.

When passes

The day of the air defense cells on the territory of the Russian Federation is celebrated on January 22. In 2020, the date is celebrated in Russia already in the 24th time.

Who notes

In solemn events, ordinary and officers of air defense aviation, related divisions are taken. The memorable date is also celebrated veterans and ex-employees, which were in the ranks of these formations.

history of the holiday

In June 1941, the Great Patriotic War began, while the defense of the capital of the Russian Federation began in September. It was during the Moscow battle that the air defense troops demonstrated their maximum, despite the obvious superiority of the Luftwaffe in the air, the latter was not possible to inflict significantly damage the capital of the Soviet Union. The air defense troops did not resist alone, but their contribution to the protection of the city will always remain in the hearts of people.

The celebration decided to celebrate from October 1996. Commander of the air defense forces Boris Spirits published at this time the corresponding document. The date is devoted to the Day of Formation of the First Fighter Corps of Aviation Air Defense.

Philipp day

It is known that on January 22 (earlier he was celebrated on January 9), according to the people's calendar, Philipp was coming. The name of the holiday is a tribute to the clergyman Philip II, which served as Metropolitan in Moscow during the reign of Tsar John Grozny.

The young Philip is completely loved by God so much that he always saw himself as a clergyman in the future. Father Philip insisted that his son fell to the service at the courtyard, and was done. Philip later, secretly got out of the dwelling and escaped to the Solovetsky abode. It is noteworthy that the saint received a birth name - Fedor. After a few years, Philip received San Presviter, and then Ihuman. Philipp was a very hardworking and honest priest, it is he who is the creator of local deserts for wandering monks, he also built many hospitals and temples.

For their merits, Filipp received San Metropolitan of the Moscow Department. Soon, Philip had a conflict with John Grozny. The king was angry, he could not tolerate such an attitude towards himself. Therefore, the ruler deprived the priest of Sana and sharpened him in the monastery. In the Tver Monastery of the priest killed Malyuta Skuratov. On this day, the people ended the soda holidays, people finally returned to their work. The owners of Masterili, revenge and put in order home affairs, while the hostesses carried out general cleaning.

In the evening they traditionally treated the bath and in it, people were washed off sins after the shield. In the people, the bath was considered the place not only purity, but also washing away various diseases, sins. In the bath, they were usually bathed in front of important events, for example, if people have a wedding, the beginning of Seva in the field or a commemoration of the deceased relatives. Clear sky on this day - it means summer will be a yield.

People looked at the raven, who are sitting on the trees, it meant that frost was coming. If the crows on the ground went, then it is worth waiting for warming. If domestic cattle did not go outside, people waited. Frost also predicted a regular cat, she climbed to sleep on the oven, and if she slept his belly up, then people froze waiting for thaw.

Air Corn Birthday

In the modern world there is a place even for such a holiday. On this day, the birthday of popcorn is celebrated, which, with such an appetite, many of us "savor" during a hike into a cinema. Nobody knows exactly who first thought to heating corn grains.

When people go to the cinema for the next film of Quentin Tarantino or Comedy with the participation of Ryan Reynolds, then popcorn is necessarily present. Even if you go on a horror movie or an incredibly tragic film, then popcorn will help get fear or sadness. Over 100 years have passed since Samuel Rubin combined viewing of a movie and popcorn.

In many cinemas on this day (January 22) popcorn give free, so you have a reason to look into the movies.

History Popcorn

It remains unknown to whom the first thought came to heat corn grains. In good conditions, corn grains can be stored for a very long time. When excavations in Peru, experts managed to find grains that were underground for many years. Surprisingly, they did not change at all. Also, experts found special plates, which put on fire, in order for the grains to be a primitive popcorn.

In ancient Mexico, the heated grains of corn were usually used for the manufacture of jewelry. Popcorn got the greatest popularity thanks to the Americans and the Indians still long before the opening of the lands of Columbus. In the days of the Great Depression, the inhabitants of the United States almost always prepared corn on fire.

Scientists were surprised when they found out that the corn is possible not only with the help of an open flame. A similar effect can be achieved with microwaves. It is noteworthy that the microwave was initially invented for cooking popcorn.

What holiday January 22, 2022

List of Russia's holidays on January 22, 2022 will acquaint with state, professional, international, folk, church, unusual holidays, which are celebrated in the country on this day. You can choose an interesting event and find out its history, traditions and rites.

Holidays January 22.

January 22 in celebrated 13 holidays , including 1 professional .

Orthodox holidays

St. Philip, Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia, the Wonderworker Martyr Polyevkta Reverend Evustralia, Wonderworker Read more about Orthodox holidays January 22

Folk holidays and signs

According to the people's calendar, the memory of St. Philip II, Metropolitan Moskovsky and All Russia, honor the Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia.

On this day, it is customary to resume work. Mistols are engaged in washing and cleaning. Men make a heavy economic work.

Also on this day traditionally go to the bath.


  • Sunny weather on this day promises in summer a good harvest.
  • If winter blizzards are in the summer of bad weather, if the forest rustles in winter - wait for thaw.
  • If the crows and daws are sitting on the tops of the trees, then frosts will soon be intensified.
  • The dog lies, curling into the tangle - to fitness.
  • Sunset of the sun of purple color - to the burane with frost.

More people will take on January 22

Events on this day
  • 1724. Peter I issued a decree on the obligation of knowledge by employees of state institutions of the Russian Empire of Laws and Charters and to justify the ignorance of laws, under the fear of fines for non-performance.
  • 1905. "Bloody Sunday" in St. Petersburg.
  • 1906. In the Russian Empire, the royal troops were suppressed by the Chita Republic.
  • 1929. Lion Trotsky was arrested and exiled to Turkey, one of the leaders of the October Revolution in Russia.
  • 1942. Creation of air defense aviation in the USSR as a kind of air defense troops.
  • 1944. Soviet troops surrounded Germans under Vitebsk
  • 1969. The Junior Lieutenant of the Armed Forces of the USSR Viktor Ilyin attempted to attempt on L. I. Brezhnev.
  • 1978. For the first time, the cargo ship "Progress-1" was docked for the first time.
  • 1980. Academician A. D. Sakharov Sylary to the city of Gorky.
  • 1990. The court sentenced Robert Morris for the first computer "worm created by him, who paralyzed the work of six thousand computers in the USA (photo)
  • 2002. The broadcasting of the TV channel TV-6 was stopped.
Born on this day
  • Leonid Yarmolnik (1954)

    Russian actor and movie actor, producer and TV host

  • Mikhail Moiseev (1939)

    Soviet military leader, army general, Russian public figure

  • Alexander Minus (1935)

    Russian priest, theologian, preacher, writer

  • Valentina Talyzin (1935)

    Soviet and Russian actress theater and cinema, People's Artist of the RSFSR

  • Yuri Levitansky (1922)

    Soviet poet, translator, teacher

  • TAN. (1909)

    Burmese diplomat, the third Secretary General of the UN (1962-1971)

  • LDA Landau. (1908)

    Soviet physicist, academician, Nobel laureate

  • George Balanchine (1904)

    Outstanding choreographer and balletmaster of Georgian origin

  • Arkady Gaidar (1904)

    Soviet Children's writer

  • Sergey Eisenstein (1898)

    Soviet director of theater and cinema, screenwriter and teacher

  • Konrad Wadet (1893)

    German theater and movie actor


    Bishop of the Orthodox Russian Church, publicist preacher. Glorified in the face of saint

  • George Bayron. (1788)

    English poet-romantic

  • Andre Ampere (1775)

    French physicist, mathematician and chemist

  • Gotchold Lessing (1729)

    German playwright, poet and literary criticism

  • Francis Bacon (1561)

    English philosopher

  • Ivan III (1440)

    Great Prince of Moscow (1462-1505)

Died on this day
  • Abe Cobo (1993)

    Japanese writer

  • Lindon Johnson (1973)

    36th US President (1963-1969), state and politician

  • Boris Zaitsev (1972)

    Russian writer, critic and literary critic

  • Fredrik Bayer (1922)

    Danish writer, pacifist and politician, Nobel laureate

  • Victoria (1901)

    Queen of Great Britain (1837-1901)

  • Peter Boilevsky (1897)

    English artist

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Day of the Aviation Aviation Air Defense of the Russian Federation

The protection of any airspace is undoubtedly carried out by means of the qualitative functioning of ground control. This is an indisputable fact. However, aviation is the main tool for the protection of airspace. The use of aviation is guaranteed to provide the highest response rate in the event of an unauthorized border disorder. These groups of troops belong to the main key role in ensuring the safety and preservation of borders and territories, whether peaceful or wartime.

Honoring the sensitive and brave responsibilities of the integrity and rest of the borders, as well as the territories of our state that serves in these formations and is dedicated to the Day of Aviation Aviation Air Defense of the Russian Federation. He was established by the twenty-fifth of October, a thousand nine hundred and ninety-six-year-old. By decree of the Commander-in-Chief of the Arctic Defense forces of the Russian Federation. The Day of Aviation Aviation Air Defense of the Russian Federation, certified by the Commander-in-Chief of Air Defense in 1996, is noted by contemporaries. Celebration date January 22 which is timed to the creation of the first hull of fighter aircraft, appointed by the order of the USSR NKO No. 56 of January 22, 42.

What holidays on January 22, 2020 in Russia and the world

The creation of the first Fighter Corps of Aviation (01/22/1942) was the starting point in the opposition of the Soviet Union in the air. The successful operations of this unit include 4,000 knocked enemy attack aircraft.

Read more Pro. Day of the Aviation Aviation Air Defense of the Russian Federation

Philipp day

Philipp on the day next year falls on January 22 According to the new summer and on January 9, the old calendar. This church holiday is marked as Philip-II Memorial Day, Saint-Wonderworker, Metropolitan Moscow and All Russia.

During the reign of Ivan the Terrible, the boy, called Fedor, appears in the Family Family. From early childhood, his soul wondered to God, but following the example of a native father, he was given to study the military affair. Favoring the young man does not cease to attend the Orthodox Church and decides to actively follow the lifestyle of the church ink. He secretly goes to the Solovetsky abode, where 9 years old diligently works, for which it is translated first in the presbyters, and then in Hegumen. He also receives his new name Philip.

What holidays on January 22, 2020 in Russia and the world

During the period in the abode, St. Philip is actively involved in its arrangement. And later thanks to the active activity of this church servier, it is elevated: new hospitals, renew the livest farm, build cathedrals and temples. He organized the desert for silence. Here, anyone could spend time in a beige silence. One of these waste, he especially loved to visit himself. Therefore, it was never called Filippov Desert.

Such active activity could not remain unnoticed for a long time. Therefore, very soon, Saint Philip becomes the Metropolitan of the Moscow Department.

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Air Corn Birthday

January 22 All countries celebrate the birthday of air corn or popcorn day. Many of us perceive this popular product as an indispensable attribute of moving movies, not only in the cinema, but at home.

Popcorn's day began to celebrate relatively recently, but his story has many centuries. About four centuries ago, the Europeans found that when heated grain of certain varieties are revealed. In 1885, the first car for the preparation of air corn was invented in Chicago. And after a hundred years, popcorn came up for microwaves.

What holidays on January 22, 2020 in Russia and the world

On the birthday of air corn, it is especially interesting to find out where it appeared and how long has been used in food. Motherland popcorn is South America. At the end of the 15th century, when the leg of Christopher Columbus only stepped as the coast of this continent, they had already perfectly knew about the properties of corn grains. Moreover, they were used not only as a food product, but also for the manufacture of jewelry and fortune telling.

When conducting excavations, scientists discovered the "popcorn" grains whose age was about 4 thousand years. According to the archaeologists, already in those days, the ancient tribes of the Indians were known that corn is able to explode, and it was included in their diet. It can be used any corn to prepare popcorn.

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Bloody Sunday, which became the beginning of the revolution of 1905

Revolutionary performances are acts of civil disobedience most often provoked overly tight or unfair policies of the authorities. They can occur spontaneously, but usually provoked by the active core of the conspirators who use the people in their political and economic interests. A bright example here can serve as a "bloody Sunday", which became the beginning of the 1905 revolution. The memorable date of these tragic events falls on January 22 .

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Russian Empire remained the last major European state with the form of absolute monarchical rule. Hard feudal vertical, as well as not carried out democratic reforms, gave rise to chronic discontent among peasant, and especially more enlightened and educated working masses.

What holidays on January 22, 2020 in Russia and the world

The disappointment and anger of the ordinary Russian worker intensified frankly unfair attitude towards work (the absence of trade unions, a 12-hour working day, permanent delays in wages are not due to economic reasons, but a simple arbitrariness of direct superiors, etc.). This was mixed with a recent defeat in the Russian-Japanese war and the absence of any reforms about this. Thanks to these factors, working masses were easily susceptible to revolutionary propaganda, which emanated from various anti-government groups.

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