Where can Santa Claus and Santa Claus meet?

Everyone knows two good tireless old-fashioned wizards who have been for many years already (and more precisely - many winters) spread gifts for the New Year and Christmas. Of course, it is about Santa Claus and Santa Claus - folklore characters, in many respects similar to each other, despite some differences in their image and biographies. Let us try to figure out how close they are familiar with each other, and how they share the spheres of influence.

Where can I meet Santa Claus?

In winter, it is pretty easy to meet with Santa Claus or one of his twins is quite easy - they can often be seen on children's matinees or New Year's sales. In addition, in the New Year holidays, Grandfather Frost may well come directly to our home; They do not believe in it only those unfortunate people, to whom he never came.

Actually, during the New Year holidays, Santa Claus can be able to meet almost anywhere, and such a meeting does not surprise at all those who do not really believe in Santa Claus. Of course, it is said true mainly for Russia and other former republics of the Soviet Union, since in the far abroad this character is very rare and is very small. But you should not hurry to regret the poor foreign kids, never in the life of no good and generous Grandfather Frost, because they have their own Christmas patron with a good smile and a full bag of gifts - the famous Santa Claus.

Where can I meet Santa Claus?

Actually, with Santa Claus, the case is exactly the opposite: in the New Year period it is easier to communicate in America or Europe, but it is much more difficult to encounter him in Russian expanses. In addition, not everyone who will meet Santa Claus in Russia will be able to distinguish him from the familiar grandfather of Frost - small differences in behavior and clothing may not immediately rush into the eyes, especially since we have been accustomed to extravagant modern grandmothers for a long time, I use the most different stylistics, symbolism and attributes. Thus, we see that at first glance, Santa Claus and Santa Claus are not so many chances to meet in their working hours, because they serve different territories and a different target audience. Nevertheless, if you understand more, then in the meeting of Santa Claus and Santa Claus there is nothing incredible, moreover, such meetings can be a matter of quite ordinary.

Santa Claus and Santa Claus: a meeting place cannot be changed

Let's try to consider the place of the place of possible meetings of Santa Claus and Santa Claus from a practical point of view. First, you should think about what these old people do when they are not engaged in delivery of gifts and holding New Year's matinee. It is quite logical to assume that each of them should have its own residence, where they rest after their righteous work and wenst forces for the next New Year's period. Indeed, fighting on the Internet we easily find information about it.

It is believed that the birthplace and permanent residence of Santa Claus are Lapland and the surroundings of the North Pole. Having raised information on Santa Claus, it is easy to find out that he has several residences - in Veliky Ustyug, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk and (attention!) In the Lapland Reserve. So, one of the official residences of the grandfather is in the same Lapland itself as the constant dwelling of Santa Claus. In other words, Santa Claus and Santa Claus - Neighbors!

Finding out this fact, we only remain to be performed on the topic of one neighbor and colleagues who own estates in such an exotic area as Lapland can meet with each other, under any circumstances. Perhaps they are crushed with each other, exercising in a ride on their personal transport - Santa Claus on the top three, and Santa - on rapid deer sled. It may be stopped to chat: exchange experiences, discuss the painful professional problems, and just to easily measure the fresh anecdotes for the New Year's theme. It is quite possible, even for sure! At the end of this article, the author considers it necessary to share with the reader of fresh information: the information is received that in recent years, Santa Claus and Santa Claus began to see together on New Year's Russian corporate countries, where they work in a pair and are perfectly soldered with each other. However, this information needs additional verification.

Game "100 K 1"

Where can Santa Claus and Santa Claus meet? Really New Year's question on the backfill.

I do not know how to answer, but the answer options will allow yourself to offer.


  • On vacation (for example on the harves)
  • Visiting (in each other)
  • On the corporate party of santas frost
  • In a dream (we can have such a meeting)
  • In cartoon, new year comedy, joke
  • In the detox

These are the options for answers. Maybe this is a crazy, but they lack the third, Italian Babo Natal and figure out on three (celebrate the New Year).

All of you are my dear Happy New Year !!! And let these three kindly pre-fermented, Santa Claus, Santa Claus and Babo Natal !! Happiness and luck..

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