Zabo do it yourself: Pattern, several options, step-by-step instructions

Jabot (Fr. Jabot) is a lace or fabric finish of clothing, on a form resembling a ruffle, which descends from the neck of a shirt, blouses or a female dress down the chest line. Some call it one of the varieties of collar. First, in Europe, Zabo was part of the male wardrobe. From the XVII century it was worn as a detail of a suit only a man. Only from the XIX century began to sew jabs for women and children.

Where can Santa Claus and Santa Claus meet?

Everyone knows two good tireless old-fashioned wizards who have been for many years already (and more precisely - many winters) spread gifts for the New Year and Christmas. Of course, it is about Santa Claus and Santa Claus - folklore characters, in many respects similar to each other, despite some differences in their image and biographies. Let us try to figure out how close they are familiar with each other, and how they share the spheres of influence.

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Gravity Falls is one of the popular animated series from the channel Disney. They are fond of adults and children. There is nothing surprising that many are asked about how to make the Gravity Falls diary do it yourself. Someone wants to create such an interesting subject for themselves, and some independently make a wonderful gift for the fans of the series. Also, this diary becomes a wonderful surprise for a child, as I invites him to a fascinating journey.

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Windows can turn your computer or laptop into a wireless access point if you allow it to distribute the Internet by Wi-Fi. Configure the distribution of the Internet on Windows 7, 8 and 10 somewhat different with each other. Therefore, to set the distribution of the Internet via Wi-Fi, we consider for each Windows operating system a separate instruction. Go.

How to get a parcel with Aliexpress by mail

So, a long expectation process is completed - if you believe tracking the track number, the order has already come to Russia and is waiting for you in the mail. It would seem that everything is simple - to come to the mail, get an order, come home, unpack, enjoy life. But not everything is as simple as I would like - and China's post office, and Russian Post, and sellers can throw up unpleasant surprises, which better know in advance. We will talk about it below.

Temporable peasants: status description, the introduction of status and cancellation

By the time of the reign of Alexander II, the question of the need to cancel serfdom was very acute. This relic of feudalism has long slowed down the development of the state. The emperors, starting with Catherine Great, realized the importance of changing the position of the peasants, but did not take practically no measures. And only Alexander the second decided to reform.

How to send a greeting card in classmates for free

If you have already managed to get your own page in the social network classmates, then you will not have to miss anymore. After all, here you are waiting for friends, colleagues, classmates and, of course, classmates! In addition, the creators of the site are constantly working on its functionality and expand opportunities for communication. But many of us do not even suspect some of the necessary functions OK.RU. That is why today we will tell you how to send a postcard for free to classmates.

Why are cats so much sleep?

Our cats are real sleep gurus! They can sleep at any time, anywhere and under any circumstances. Even a quick search on the Internet will show thousands of photographs of sleeping cats in lovely or funny poses. But why the cats sleep so much, and what happens to them in the head when they sleep? Read on to learn more about sleeping cats.

Where to go on vacation in Russia in the summer-2020: 10 interesting places - Guides - Riamo

This summer, due to the coronavirus pandemic options for vacation, sitting on the cottage or go on a trip to Russia. At the same time, many popular Russian resorts introduce restrictions on tourists - to abide by the distance, have a certificate of the absence of COVID-19, do not attend tourist objects. If you do not want to be in the crowd of holidaymakers in Anapa or Sochi, you can discover other directions for internal tourism. Marketing Manager and PR Travel Store Anastasia Bartholomeev helped Riamo to choose 10 interesting places in Russia, where you can spend an unforgettable vacation and forget about the social distance.

House do it yourself from beginning to end: foundation, walls, internal work

Build a house with your own hands from the beginning and to the end, you can even without experience in construction. It is necessary for this just a desire and theoretical knowledge. And in order not to shift the Internet in search of the necessary information, everything you need have already been collected in the article - instructions for beginners from A to Z, so to speak.

How to decorate the apartment for the new year 2020 (original ideas with photos)

New Year is the most long-awaited and favorite holiday of adults and children. After all, each person on the planet believes and hopes for a miracle on New Year's Eve. With trepidation, experience and sincere love, people expect a magical night. Preparation for the holiday People of different cities are beginning for a long time, and in mid-December, the sense of magic is already in the air. Lights burn on the streets of cities, the New Year's music is playing in all stores and restaurants, people in the turmoil choose gifts to their loved ones, and the beauties are beautiful trees. New Year's atmosphere reigns everywhere. Next, we will tell you more about how to create the most fabulous atmosphere in your apartment, which is famous for the new year 2020. And we will help you in the question of how to decorate the apartment with children.

Why can not go to the cemetery on Wednesday?

Humanity has always emphasized the mystical properties of the burial site of their dead. And the question is why it is impossible to go to the cemetery on Wednesday is no exception. Representatives of different religious flows have accumulated a lot of rituals, rules and belts associated with this place. There are also many prohibitions associated with the cemetery. We get acquainted and examine one of them, namely the ban on visiting the monastery of the departed on Wednesday. To understand to follow this rule or not, consider it from the point of view of the Church and by the ordinary ordinary man.

How to configure channels on LG TV: digital, satellite

The correct configuration of the TV channels is an important hardware connection step. Let us look at how to configure the channels on the LG TV in good quality in a few minutes. There are several ways to install channels on the modules of this company, which differ from the type of TV and the format of the television signal (analog, digital or satellite) selected by the user. The article is a step-by-step instruction for installing each of them.

Where to begin?

You are still new in the world of yoga, and want to get comfortable here to improve your body, maintain health at the proper level, and also start developing spiritual principles of being? Then you should start doing yoga at home to understand and feel all the pros and cons of this path and choose acceptable exercise complexes to not be disappointed at the very beginning.

3 simple ways to disable paid iPhone subscriptions

Device owners Apple have long been using a variety of subscriptions. So they get access to the catalog of music, serials or other media files. In most cases, the money is removed automatically with a tied bank card. If you have changed inventive position or you just decided to give up a subscription, then you need to know how to cancel it. We'll figure it out how to turn off the paid subscriptions on the iPhone.

How to wash down down jacket at home without divorce

Upper winter clothes with feathers from feathers or fluff is the best option for the cold pore, perfectly protecting from wind, snow and frost. Today, down jackets are widely popular and demand due to their convenience, functionality and stylish appearance. In the process of wearing the product can be contaminated and losing its attractiveness, so it is important to ensure that it is proper care.

What to do if the voice disappeared and how to treat, diagnosis and treatment of missing voice

Appreciate such a gift of nature, as it is, we begin only when for some reason our voice is lost. It is believed that the voice may be due to the overvoltage of voice ligaments. But this is just one of the few reasons why the voice disappears. Some of the reasons are really serious and require mandatory treatment. What can a voice be lost? What doctor to contact? How to return and what to treat the lost voice? Answers you will find in our new article.

Creamy rolling cheese

Many Russians have real love for Japanese dishes began with Philadelphia. This delicate creamy taste of cheese, shaded by weakly salted salmon, fresh crisp cucumber and green onions allowed the usual boiled rice to wake with new paints. And already for Philadelphia, California pulled up, and simple rolls were spent, and more complex multicomponent dishes.

Card for Mom, created with your own hands - best gift

The closest and most expensive person for each of us is Mom. We often appear the desire to please her, see a joyful smile on her face, sparkles of happiness in the eyes. Unfortunately, the busy rhythm of modern life does not allow to pay a mother enough attention in the series of everyday life. But on the eve of a holiday or an important personal date, you need to think about how a pleasant surprise we can please the native person himself, express our love and gratitude. This option may be a card for a mother created by your own hands. It will not require significant costs, but this small present will be able to give unforgettable emotions.

Comparison iPhone 7/7 plus and Samsung Galaxy C7 / C7 EJ

Today we will try to compare two very interesting smartphones. Of course, it will be representatives of the two most important competitors on the market: iPhone 7/7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 EDGE. You can certainly say that in two smartphones for each side, but their characteristics are very similar and therefore, we will simply compare in general, but I will consider all moments. I know that the article comes out much later than it would have to be. But given the fact that a lot of time has passed and all the devices are still relevant, then why not.

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The most popular service among the population is obtaining the necessary medical care at the place of residence, often not coinciding with the address specified in the passport. Citizens, moving to another region and needing medical services, as a rule, do not yet have temporary registration, so necessary for the passage of treatment both in the hospital and outpatient. It is convenient when the medical insurance is located near the house, so the challenge how to find out the clinic at the place of residence for such people is particularly relevant.

"For the Far Occolic ..."

When I get a conversation about my village life in a youth environment and mention the word Ocean, many begin to ask: what is it? Alas, our today's realities ... But only a century ago, such a question was even more appropriate: it was so common in rural areas, and how many traditions and rites were connected with him ...

Learn to kiss without a partner.

Many young girls and young people do not know how to kiss, but they are not going to wait for the chosen one and dream to learn skill themselves. They do not want to experience awkwardness and constraint with a real kiss, but you should forget about fears, because everything is happening for the first time. How to learn to kiss without a partner And is it possible?

Lags CS: go - what to do and how to remove lags

Lags and brakes - two main opponents of any player and get rid of them by any methods. Since the game Command and MM matches go in format 5 to 5, this implies a certain level of responsibility. Each player should contribute to the victory, but here the brakes can say their good word. And how to remove friezes in ks: go? First you need to figure out why there may be lags.


To this article, I intend not only to answer the question of one of our readers about the original name of our site, but also to tell in more detail about what the word tract means and where he grow roots (then you mean - how it appeared at all Russian language). I also want to show what the tracts are usually represented on the maps, and how to go them purposefully.

Organization of the developing subject-spatial environment of GEF in the DOU, option for the second and first younger and preparatory group

For children during their stay in the preschool, it is important not only than with them they are engaged in and what they are taught, but what surrounds them. Therefore, the organization and design of the premises are given an important role. This is not just an interior, it is a developing subject-spatial environment that should be comfortable for children and help their development.

Meringue and meringue: classic recipes from the chefmarket

Favorite dessert of many adults and children is considered to be meringue, the recipe classic in the oven is quite easy to prepare. All you need: sugar and egg squirrel! The classic option of delicacy is preparing without additives. If desired, the recipe can always be enriched with grated chocolate, nuts, candied fruits, fresh berries and even fruit syrup. It all depends only on creative fantasy.

Lambins with their own hands with patterns for beginners: how to sew hard and openwork lambrequins, sizes, step-by-step instructions

Design of windows is one of the main directions in the style of the interior solution. In order for the window opening to be decorated in a beautiful frame from the curtains, you need to know some subtleties of sewing. Romantically looks in the curtains with lambrequins, which can be performed with their own hands on the patterns for beginners of sewing lovers. We offer interesting and informative master classes.

Matte manicure gel varnish: master class how to make, design ideas

Hands can be called a business card of each woman. To nails were not just neat, but looked stylish, you have to follow fashionable trends. In 2018, most of the fashionable designs of the manicure involves covering nails with gel varnish. It is possible to identify your manicure using a matte coating. For this, it is not necessary to visit the salon and lay out a decent amount. Make a nogot matte can be at home with your own hands, if you know the peculiarity of the procedure.

How to distinguish the original iPhone 5 from the fake

The Chinese have learned to make fakes of iPhones at the highest level, and the fact that it was previously determined visually (the presence of antennas, double SIM cards, a plastic case, an operating system - android) is now not to determine without certain knowledge. In addition, many buy applications used. And then the primary signs (packaging, completeness, first inclusion of iPhone) will no longer help in determining originality. In our article, we reviewed 100 percent ways to identify fake. Do you buy a new, used or recovered iPhone 5S, use our improved instruction to determine the original phone.

Why does a car stall at idle?

Hello, dear guests and blog visitors Avtohyd.Ru. Today in the article we will try to figure out why the car stalls at idle without visible at first glance. The situation is very stupid and very annoying. If observed by the side resembles the first driving of the cadet of the automotive school. The problem with the constantly sick engine is exacerbated by the fact that the causes of the problem may be much and not all of them lie on the surface.